Car Insurance Articles

    January 31, 2021

    How to avoid huge bills from a car crash  – A scary article about what can happen if you don’t have car insurance and you are responsible for a crash…and here’s an article about what NOT to do after a car accident

    What you have to know about cancelling car insurance  – Don’t let your hard earned money drain away on unneeded car insurance.

    Considering getting car insurance

    Insurance fraud

    Reckless driving

    Travel insurance

    Insuring your car

    Getting all the benefits of car insurance

    No-claim bonuses

    Insuring electric cars

    Changes to car insurance

    Top Pros of comparing car insurance quotes

    Cheaper premiums

    What is car insurance excess

    Value of your car

    How to check the oil in your car

    AB Car Insurance Brokers

    iTrack Fleet Tracking

    Motor insurance tips

    Altech Vehicle Tracking

    Gap Insurance Coverage for Your Car

    What is a Car Balloon Payment

    Road Accident Fund

    Under 25

    Changing a car tyre

    Car Maintenance Checklist

    Car won’t start

    Cleaning your car

    Car look new again

    How To Tune Your Car

    Top 11 Car Accessories

    DIY Vehicle Maintenance

    Reduce Your Fuel Bill

    Save on petrol

    Everything you need to know about car insurance

    Driving among wild animals

    Nature reserve

    Frequently asked questions

    Bicycle insurance

    Game reserves

    Drunk driving

    Is is illegal to be without car insurance?

    New car problems

    Basic car insurance


    About premiums

    What is AARTO

    FAQ car insurance

    All-risk cover

    Proof of insurance

    No claim bonus

    Faulty brakes

    Rules for towing a boat in SA

    Caravan insurance

    Alcohol abuse and car insurance

    Insuring an unroadworthy vehicle

    Reckless driving

    Mountain bike insurance

    Driver fatigue


    Mountain bikes


    Worn tyres and car insurance

    Lowest car insurance

    Car insurance claim


    Dealing with insurers

    Compulsory third party car insurance

    Cheap car insurance quotes

    Second hand books

    Tracking devices

    Kind of car insurance

    Safety features

    Married couple car insurance

    Colour of your car

    Cell phones and car insurance

    Gender and car insurance

    Fatal accidents

    Car insurance payments

    Legal requirement for car insurance

    Tips for saving on car insurance

    Facts about fixed premium car insurance

    Affordable car insurance

    Classic and vintage cars

    Accidental death and injury insurance

    Festive season

    Claim rejection

    Lower insurance premiums for cars

    Best car insurers in South Africa Discover who made our Top 10 list of car insurance companies

    Find out how to choose car insurance
    Stay healthy on holiday

    Ladies, find out how this lady got her car insurance premiums lowered. Here’s another interesting article about paying less for short term insurance. Find out here about credit shortfall insurance. What to do if you can’t pay your monthly premium. Here is an article about OUTbonuses. Find out about third party insurance.


    Budget insurance
    Tesla car insurance
    Save when you renew your car insurance

    Find out why cutting down on car insurance is not wise.
    Competition Commission and the servicing of cars

    Find out what a car crash costs to insured and uninsured drivers respectively.

    Baby restraint insurance information is available here.

    Safety tips for women travelling alone at night and here is an article about worn out tyres and car insurance.

    Rental car cover
    Risks of having no insurance
    Claims process for car insurance
    Check your insurance

    Miway reviews
    Good car insurance review sites
    Claiming for minor damage

    Uninsured drivers
    Santam reviews
    Mutual and Federal reviews
    Outsurance Reviews
    Hollard car insurance review
    Vehicle insurance firms
    All you need to know about AA car insurance
    Getting classic car insurance
    What is shortfall insurance for cars?
    Vodacom enters insurance market
    Total cover vs third party cover
    Google and car assurance
    TheftBuster product from Bidvest Insurance
    Accident scene procedures
    Car theft support

    Best firms in SA
    Load shedding causes traffic chaos
    About Prime Meridian insurance
    Discovery is more than medical aid
    Basic car insurance info
    SA car insurance
    Vintage car cover
    How SA Eagle relates to Zurich
    Gap cover for cars
    Best and worst car insurance firms in South Africa
    Car insurance policy
    Choosing a car insurance provider
    Insuring contractor vehicles
    Hijacked bakkies
    Insurance excess
    FNB Insurance
    Low cost car insurance
    Lower car insurance
    Top 5 Insurance Scams
    Windscreen cover
    Bosch car service plan
    Tyre and rim insurance
    Riot insurance
    Insuring the paintwork on a car
    Car sound system
    Car Insurance Law
    Ombudsman for car insurance
    How to choose a car insurer
    Road safety and motor insurance
    Vehicle coverage
    Fleet insurance
    Hollard car insurance
    Indwe vehicle insurance
    MUA vehicle insurance
    Credit shortfall
    Top Up Insurance
    Balloon payments
    Best car insurance
    Remote jamming scam
    Scratch and Dent Insurance
    Self Driving Cars, Insurance And You
    Keep Your Car Perfect Inside And Out With Auto Elite
    Find the Cheapest Car Insurance by Using Hippo
    Cheap car Insurance questions Answered Online
    Third party claims in South Africa
    You need Third Party Only car Insurance
    Car insurance laws Overview
    Car Insurance Co-Payments and Excess Payments
    Over-insured car
    Cheaper Quotations for Car Insurance from Santam
    Car Remote Jamming, Insurance and you
    No frills Car Insurance in South Africa
    Types of Car Insurance in South Africa
    Are you Looking for a Cheap Car Insurance Policy?
    The Ombudsman for Car Insurance and You
    About losing a driver’s Licence due to “Probable” drunk driving
    Make sure you Review your Car Insurance regularly
    Take note of the Ombudsman Warning on Drunk driving
    What are Car Insurance Premiums?
    All about Unity Insurance
    More than 70% of Cars in South Africa are Uninsured
    Car insurance claim process
    Comparing car insurance quotes using Hippo
    Places to get car insurance in SA
    How car insurance premiums are calculated
    Car insurance application requirements
    Cancellation of car insurance
    How to cut car insurance costs
    Kinds of vehicle insurance
    Motor vehicle accident claims
    Shop around for affordable car insurance
    Unitrans insurance
    What happens to Your vehicle Insurance Premiums once You have Paid?
    What to do if Your Car Insurance Claim is Rejected
    A Guide to Car Insurance for South Africa
    Car Insurance guidelines for South Africans
    Frequently asked questions
    King Price FAQ
    Hollard Pay as You drive Car Insurance
    Comprehensive insurance from Hollard
    Car insurance information
    Cheapest Car Insurance for Under 25 Driver
    Compare car insurance quotes with Hippo
    Why car insurance claims get rejected
    Car insurance secrets
    Car insurance mistakes
    Apply for car insurance in South Africa
    Car insurance made simple
    Top car insurance firms in South Africa
    Insure a fleet of cars
    A car that gets written off
    We answer your car insurance questions
    Why Auto and General Car Insurance is so Popular in South Africa
    Who is the Best Car Insurance Company in South Africa?
    Budget vehicle Insurance is for Budget conscious Car owners
    What is an assessor
    Hippo car insurance
    Discovery car Insurance is an Exciting new player in South Africa
    Dial Direct for Cost saving Car Insurance
    First for Women car Insurance puts the Ladies first
    King Price car Insurance beats down Prices
    MiWay does Car Insurance differently
    Outsurance Contact Number
    Momentum Insurance
    Santam car insurance
    Best car insurance providers
    Wesbank insurance products
    Why you DO need car insurance
    Myths about car insurance
    Affordable motor Cover from Prime Meridian
    Oakhurst motor insurance
    CompareGuru provides comparative Car Insurance quotes
    Alarming rise in Balloon car Payments in South Africa
    Fresh drive for Compulsory car Insurance in South Africa
    Car insurance 101
    Car insurance where premiums decrease monthly
    Car insurance plan from Momentum
    AA Car Insurance
    Car insurance claims
    Vehicle insurance brokers
    Top Ten Vehicle Insurance Firms in South Africa
    How drunk driving affects car insurance
    Mutual & Federal car insurance
    Claiming insurance excess
    Prosper vehicle insurance
    Third party insurance is vital
    Outsurance vehicle insurance
    Discovery online car insurance quotes
    Online car insurance quotes in South Africa
    Tow trucks and accidents
    Internet car insurance
    Standard Bank Car Insurance
    Top ten Car insurance Providers in South Africa
    Which car Insurance company in South Africa is Best?
    What kinds of Car Insurance are there in South Africa?
    Where Do I Go Online for Car Insurance in South Africa?
    Which car insurance company is best
    All about BMW warranty extender
    Bidvest car Maintenance Plan
    Get one click Car Insurance with one click in South Africa?
    Does car Insurance work in South Africa?
    Website for Car Insurance Quotes in South Africa
    What Is a Motor/Service plan Actually?
    Insurance for Old Cars in South Africa
    Is your Service Plan taking You for a Ride?
    Laws governing Car Insurance in South Africa
    Super cheap car insurance quote
    The Motorite extended Warranty Plan
    When must I take out Car Insurance in South Africa?
    Why must I have Car Insurance in South Africa?
    What is a Motor plan in South Africa?
    Woolworths vehicle insurance
    Car Insurance for Less than 100 Rand a Month
    Cars that have Cheap Insurance
    Excess Insurance for your Car
    Roadside assistance
    How to get car insurance
    Allsure Insurance from Mutual and Federal
    Why is Gap insurance for Cars necessary?
    No claim Bonus car Insurance
    What Car Insurance companies in SA get the Most complaints?
    What is an Excess Waiver or Excess Buster?
    What is the Road Accident Fund?
    What is Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance?
    Car insurance near me
    Car insurance quotation online
    Car insurance quick quote
    Car insurance broker
    Car insurance beneficiary
    Car insurance by distance
    Car insurance cost
    Car insurance cheap
    Car insurance comparison tool
    Car insurance discounts
    Car insurance definition
    Car insurance explained
    Car insurance for bakkie
    Car insurance for 4×4
    Car insurance info
    Car insurance world
    Short term car insurance
    Insurance for commercial vehicles
    Car insurance Durban
    Car insurance Cape Town
    Car insurance Port Elizabeth
    Car insurance Gauteng
    Car insurance Johannesburg
    Car insurance Pretoria
    Car insurance Polokwane
    Online car insurance
    Car insurance excess
    Premiums reduce
    Discovery car insurance review
    Hollard car insurance quote
    Save money on car insurance
    How to buy car insurance
    Motor Thrift car insurance
    King Price car insurance quotation
    Car insurance for the holidays
    Car insurance for a new driver
    Unitrans Uniprotect Body Line
    Outsurance car insurance quote
    Santam Car Insurance Contact
    Santam Car Insurance Quote
    Car insurance full coverage
    Car insurance Bloemfontein
    Warranty products
    Ways to reduce car insurance premiums
    Buy car insurance on the internet
    Why get car insurance
    Where do I buy car insurance
    Virgin Money Insurance
    Where do I get it
    Toyota Automark Warranty
    360Plus Car Service Plan
    Windscreen insurance
    Car insurance East London
    Brake failure causes accidents
    Insurance Claim Procedure
    Guardrisk insurance company
    Third party only insurance
    3rd party insurance in south africa
    Off road vehicle insurance
    4 x 4 Insurance
    Car insurance George
    Car insurance Pietermaritzburg
    Out in Africa Insurance
    3rd party fire and theft
    Car insurance policies in South Africa
    HomeDrive from Momentum
    Car insurance with a cash bonus
    Why get car insurance from Santam
    Insurance products for women
    Why does car insurance for women have much lower premiums?
    Insurance premiums and why men pay more
    Have you ever had bad thoughts about your car?

    Hidden charges in car insurance
    Fleet Insurance for Commercial Vehicles
    Saloon car insurance in South Africa
    4×4 car insurance
    Cheap Insurance for Pickup Trucks
    Personal car insurance
    Four by four insurance
    Insuring an offroad vehicle
    Automobile Association Insurance
    Claim Free Discount from Outsurance
    Right car insurance company
    How to get competitive quotes
    Comprehensive cover for cars
    Short-term insurer for cars
    Liability car insurance from Santam
    Car insurance companies compared
    Do you have the right insurance
    Filing a car insurance claim
    Factors that influence car insurance
    Questions about car insurance
    Pros and Cons of car insurance
    Guide to buying car insurance
    The importance of car insurance
    What car insurance is the best in SA
    The risk of not having car insurance
    Are you insured to use the company car privately?
    You can find cheap car cover to meet your budget.
    Maintain your car at todays rates tomorrow.
    Reliable, Responsible Regent
    Looking for car insurance you can buy online?
    What Does a Car Insurance Assessor Do?
    How to Estimate the Market Value of Your Car.
    Santam Online Car Insurance Quotes.
    What to Do If You Are in a Car Crash.
    Overview of Car Insurance in South Africa.
    Personal Use Car Insurance and Other Aspects of Vehicle Cover.
    VitalityDrive from Discovery
    Finding a car insurance brokerage
    Anti theft devices for vehicles in SA
    Technology to stop car theft in SA
    What is a car Insurance yearly cost?
    Car Insurance For Young Drivers
    Car Insurance for the Uninsured Motorist – you need it.
    Get to Know some Basic Car Insurance Terms.
    Do you Know what the Different Car Insurance Types are?
    Now you Can Shop for Car Insurance from Your bubble Bath.
    How does Insurance for Uber Vehicles work in the Event of an Accident?
    What is a Car Insurance Card?
    Car insurance for young drivers
    Car insurance reviews in South Africa

    Cheap car insurance deals
    Car Insurance prices Can drive You around the Bend.
    Don’t drive Uninsured, get Car Insurance Now!
    Yes, You can Get car Insurance With No Car!
    The car Insurance Marketplace, the Place to go.
    A Car insurance Lapse can Leave you Stranded.
    Car Insurance for High risk Motorists and Others.
    Get car Insurance Help just When you Need it.
    Full cover car insurance
    Vehicle cover for teenage drivers
    Car insurance discount deals
    Rates for car insurance in SA
    Now, Car insurance Rewards reward Safe, accident-free Drivers.
    It’s never Been easier to Compare car Cover quotes!
    Get a car Insurance Deal that Gives you a Winning hand.
    Should You use Car Insurance agents or Computers?
    Executive Insurance because You deserve It.
    Delivery vehicle Insurance Keeps your Fleet on the Road.
    SUV Insurance – No matter Which road You take in Life.
    Bakkies and their owners take heart.
    Car Insurance for Drivers Under the Age of Eighteen.
    Car Insurance for Drivers under The Age of Twenty One.
    Car Insurance for Drivers 25 years Old and Below.
    Car insurance Value and the Importance of being Honest.
    Find car Insurance Without having a Car.
    Why you Should insure Your car Today!
    How men and women are covered by insurances
    How to choose a car insurance company
    Advantages and disadvantages
    Motor insurance coverage
    Car insurance terms for South Africans
    Insuring a leased car or commercial vehicle
    How to save on car insurance
    How to file an insurance claim
    Car insurance tips
    Cars are expensive but you can cut costs.
    Best car cover companies in South Africa
    How to compare car insurance quotes in SA
    Major car insurance companies in South Africa
    Top places to get car insurance
    Car insurance scams in South Africa
    Affordable comprehensive car insurance
    Comprehensive insurance is the safest way to insure your car.
    Yes, you definitely need car insurance in this country.
    A good car insurance website is right under your nose.
    What to look for and consider when buying car insurance.
    A tailor-made car insurance quote from PSG. Just what your car needs.
    As an individual you need a customised quote from Youi.
    Hollard have just the plan for you – A customised car insurance plan.
    Budget car insurance will look after your baby.
    How to get the best car insurance in South Africa.
    It’s never been easier to get a free car insurance quote.
    Get car insurance with immediate effect from Momentum.
    Results for the leading car insurance firm in South Africa.
    Finding car insurance online just got easier.
    The Discovery car insurance scheme is a rewarding discovery.
    Santam is among the top car insurance providers in South Africa.
    Outsurance car insurance takes out the competition.
    Young drivers take heart, you can get cheap car insurance.
    Finding car insurance online couldn’t be easier.
    Shop around for car insurance providers in South Africa.
    Even with a limited budget you can be insured.
    Get treated like royalty with car insurance from King Price.
    The AA vehicle insurance plan gives you triple A cover.
    The Automobile Association – A legend in South Africa.
    An AA Car Insurance plan sets the standard for road safety.
    The Automobile Association of South Africa revealed.
    AA insurance insures just about everything in South Africa.
    The Automobile Association – Pioneers in motoring safety.
    For car insurance quotes in South Africa you can’t find better than InsurAcar.
    Interesting facts about the Automobile Association.
    All you need to know about AA Roadside Assistance.
    Discovery insure have plans for your safety.
    Action speaks louder than thinking.
    Here’s the quickest way to get car insurance.
    Comparison sites put the fun back into buying car insurance.
    Comprehensive cover – the best you can buy.
    Take care of your family when out driving.
    Find the best motor insurance from home.
    Get car insurance to protect you, come hell or high water.
    Don’t be taken for a ride, get you car insured now!
    The call of the open road shouts out “Get car insurance”
    Don’t pay for someone else’s car repairs. Get insured!
    Off road, on road, no road – You still need to be insured.
    A simple quote form can keep you safe on the roads.
    Get insured to protect yourself on the road.
    Find out how easy it is to protect your family on the road.
    Whatever you do, don’t drive uninsured.
    Get the cover you want at the price you want.
    Time to let the insurance companies run after you.
    Do your car insurance shopping from home.
    There’s more than one way to insure your car.
    Every motorist can find car insurance on the internet. Have you?
    Cancelling your car insurance
    Uber lost property
    Alexander Forbes Car Insurance

    More car insurance articles
    Car insurance benefits from Momentum Insurance
    Great motor service plans
    SASRIA protection covers you even in the middle of a riot.
    Let a GPS system keep track of your repayments.
    If biking is your passion, insuring you is ours.
    Insure your vehicle for business or pleasure.
    4×4 vehicle insurance won’t leave you out in the open.
    4×4 vehicle insurance
    Best car loans in South Africa
    Tips for insuring your child’s car
    King Price reviews
    Find out about car insurance bonus options offered to motorists.
    Here are ways to get reduced Insurance premiums.
    Why you need car insurance on South African roads.
    How much can you get for a used car in South Africa?
    Mechanical breakdown Insurance gets your family off to a good start.
    Can you afford to repair your badly damaged car?
    Top car hijacking zones in this country.

    All info was correct at time of publishing