AA motor insurance has been in business for over eighty year. So when looking to get insurance. And you need to choose an insurance company that you can trust. So AA is a good match for you.

AA motor insurance has improved its services which include driver training, insurance, roadside help and technical advice to mention just a few of their many benefits.

Over the years, AA motor insurance has spread its services all over the world, making it a global company.

Accident Assist Is A Unique Benefit to AA Motor Insurance and You’re the Person it Benefits

AA Motor Insurance

Of all the insurance companies, AA motor insurance is the only one that offers the Accident Assist service.

This rescue service allows AA members to see their AA account through their mobile phones. They can record information in the form of photos, videos and voice recordings. This could be helpful to get compensation.

The app takes you through a step-by-step process, guiding you as you update your profile at the scene of the accident. It also allows you to edit your AA profile later on, when you can remember more information about the accident.

AA Motor Insurance Covers Home, Building and NOW Insurance

AA assurance is divided into two categories: Protection Plan Cover and Personal Accident Cover.
Protection Plan Cover caters to the funeral expenses of an AA member or the member’s spouse or children.
Personal Accident Cover assists the AA member’s family in case of an accident that results in death or a stay in hospital.

AA motor car insurance on the other hand provides worldwide cover for members travelling to countries where the Global Show Your Card & Save programme is in operation. It also includes smaller covers such as the Touch Up Cover, which fixes dents, lights, scratches and chips on your vehicle.

Potential members of the AA motor insurance will be happy to know that they are involved in research that is good for South Africa’s motoring industry. Suggestions made by the AA have even changed laws in the past, including road safety laws.

The AA Have Been On the Road Longer Than Most Motor Insurance Companies Around Today

AA motor insurance also has very experienced technicians who can fix cars on the spot. They can also give advice on the buying or selling of a car and suggestions on where members should take their cars for servicing. They can assess the quality of repair work done to a member’s vehicle as well helping motorists save time and money.

For insurance quotes – including motor insurance quotes and motor vehicle insurance quotes – you can have a look at our website. Here, you will also find out more about AA’s history, our contact details and much more.

Compile A List Of  Top Motor Insurers – AA Will Be There

It is always best to have a look at an insurance company’s website before visiting the insurance company in person. The online motor insurance quote give you a good idea of what to expect.

At AA motor insurance, expect high quality motor vehicle insurance and affordable car insurance quotes, as well as many more types of insurance and offers for members.

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All info was correct at time of publishing June 23, 2018