Insurance for Old Cars in South Africa

Insurance for old cars is essential, especially cars that have been on the road for more than 20 years. If you are the owner of an old car, you should at least have Third- party insurance.

If you happen to cause an accident, Third-party cover guarantees you won’t have to pay the victims repair bills. You could end up in financial ruin if you smash into a luxury vehicle without any insurance.

What if you dented the door of a sleek Maserati with your 20-year-old car or scraped the bumper off of a new Porsche. The parts for these exotic vehicles run into the tens of thousands of rand.

Now imagine having to replace the bonnet of a Lamborghini and redoing the paintwork for the whole car. Plus, you still have to pay for the damage to your vehicle.

That’s why it is Important to have Third-party insurance for old cars

Insurance for old cars

Most insurance companies offer vintage car owners this type of cover as no one wants to pay expensive premiums for an old car and one whose value has severely depreciated.

Another option of insurance for old cars is to go for a slightly higher level of cover. Third-party fire and theft. This policy covers the costs of repairing other cars you damage in an accident or treating injured people.

Your car will be replaced if it’s stolen or destroyed by fire. However, you pay a slightly higher premium, but you get a better level of protection.

Should you be hijacked, you get compensation which may not be as much as the value of the car when you first bought it.

Insurance for Old cars and Insuring Vintage Cars

Do you own a well-maintained vintage classic that you only take out on special weekends? If so, Comprehensive cover might not be necessary or financially wise. Since you rarely use the vehicle, the level of risk on it is small.

Still, you need to cover yourself from even that minimal risk with some form of car insurance. For this reason, many will opt to get their vintage vehicle a third party cover.

However, vintage car owners are disappointed at the benefits such packages offer them in the event of an accident. There are some variations of primary insurance that not only cater for repairs to the vehicle of the other party but also provide for yours to a certain extent.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 8, 2018