Anti Theft Devices for Cars in South Africa

According to an ex South African car thief, most car hijacks happen as syndicates request vehicles that must be provided by a certain date. He says that there is a constant high demand for all types of vehicles irrespective of its condition. Such vehicles are just sold, even outside of the country. While others strip the car and sell the parts. This unacceptable and unsavoury practice has become quite a lucrative business for thieves and hijackers. There are now anti-theft devices to prevent your car from being stolen.

A shocking fact is that a portion of their income is disposed of as bribes to law enforcement personnel as high up on the ladder as judges!

According to him, a thief will get away with a car. And while he is driving his assistant(s) would immediately commence dismantling the interior in search of the vehicle’s tracker to dispose of it.

Anti-Theft DevicesHe further states that they are self-taught, but car thieves also love share information with individuals about the latest anti-theft vehicle systems.

They have become very sophisticated. Also, that hitting a snag with a car’s anti-theft devices, just results in one of them dressing like an executive, visiting a dealership, questioning the dealer about that particular car’s anti-theft system and effortlessly obtain the crucial information!

Did you know? 

The most cost efficient car anti-theft system is one’s brain! To prevent theft:

  • Search for parking areas with many parking attendants,
  • Park in well-lit areas,
  • Never leave your keys in the ignition even if you just have to dash into your house quickly.

Car thieves rake in extraordinary amounts close to three times the value of a vehicle when, instead of selling the car, they sell the stolen car parts separately.

Any anti-theft car security will result in a monthly insurance payment.

Fight back!

Though there is no guarantee, we can fight back with a variety of safeguarding options, without breaking the bank.

Car security inventions over the years that have stood the test of time as trusted options and used by millions of car owners are as follows:


Car alarms – Anti-Theft Devices

It is the most popular and visually effective of the lot in dissuading car thieves.

These alarms are triggered upon sudden movement in the car, unauthorised opening of a car door, breaking a window.

It further helps ‘announcing’ that your vehicle has an alarm by putting stickers on your windows, even if you don’t have a proper system.

Lock options

A very cheap option is a steering wheel lock with other types being brake pedal, gear shift and ignition locks.

Also, car batteries are often and easily sold as a car part, and a way to prevent access to it is by installing a Hood Lock.

Vehicle Tracking System – Anti-Theft Devices

This top class car safeguard system uses GPS technology and provides the location of a stolen vehicle in real time.

Its excellence lies in the relocation of cars within a matter of hours after theft.

Electronic Immobilisers – Anti-Theft Devices

Newer car models have electronic immobilisers that boast a built-in memory chip that activates the anti-theft system which in turns allows for the car to start.

So car thieves sidestep cars with this mechanism as they use distinct signals to start the vehicle.


Mechanical Immobilizers

These mechanisms are relatively cheap car anti-theft devices and specifically control entry into a vehicle and even movement inside.

They are also very noticeable and is successfully used as a combination of security measure in vehicles.

Embed Your Vehicle Identification Number

Each car is recognised by a vehicle identification number (VIN) which consists of an exact 17-digit serial number.

Relatively new on the market is the trend to have the VIN embedded onto windows, all car parts, and dashboards.

This brilliant invention does double duty as thief deterrent and tracking system.

Final Restraint

If you ever become panicky about a car following you, don’t drive straight home.

Rather be safe than sorry; drive in the opposite direction of your property and they still follow you, rather immediately head to the nearest police station to prevent possible hijacking.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 20, 2018