King Price car Insurance beats down Prices

King Price is the new kid on the block in the South African insurance market.

In 2013, Gideon Galloway, an insurance executive with one of the country’s leading firms, started the company.

He set out to establish a company that would operate in the interests of all South Africans, therefore, giving them access to personal insurance at rates they could afford.

King Price – We make the Customer King

King Price offer short-term insurance to cover personal property ranging from buildings to vehicles to house contents.

The principle aim is to make the customer king. They accomplish this by allowing you to pay premiums you can comfortably afford.

Not only are their monthly premiums low, but they also promise that they will decrease as time goes.

The idea of reducing premiums appeals to car owners as they know that the value of their vehicle depreciates over time.

You Make theKing Price choices

By allowing their customers to choose the excess they are comfortable paying, the King adds value to your policy.

Benefits coupled with excellent customer service, have drawn tens of thousands to King Price as policyholders. King Price offers three kinds of automobile insurance; Third party only, Third- party fire and theft and Comprehensive.

Comprehensive Insurance

Most providers recommend this. It has the highest premiums, but you should also consider the extent of cover it provides.

Comprehensive cover takes care of any damage to your car. It compensates the other party for any damage or injury that your vehicle may have caused.

Even if the other party decides to litigate, you won’t have to pay any legal fees. You also get compensated if your car gets stolen or damaged by fire or a natural disaster.

Third party Insurance

A third party cover will cater for any damage or loss suffered by somebody else, caused by your car. This will include medical bills and the cost of car repairs.

However, should the car be damaged by fire or stolen, you will have to pay. It is a basic level of cover and though it has the lowest premiums, its benefits are very limited.

Third-party, fire and theft Insurance extends the benefits of a basic third party cover to include loss from fire or theft. It is affordable and offers a greater degree of cover than a basic cover.

To be sure that a King Price policy will be the best fit for your pocket, feel free to compare a quote from them with those of other car insurance firms on a comparison website.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 25, 2018