Car Insurance for the Uninsured Motorist – You need it.

What if you have to pay for repairs that are as a result of an accident and you are uninsured? Get car insurance for the uninsured motorist for only R100.

Insurance companies don’t play around and tend to sue whoever is not insured.

If that someone is you, can you afford it?

So, whatever you do at least get third party cover. For as little as R100 a month you lessen the chances of costly repair bills.

R100 per month is not money when you see the bigger picture. With no insurance, you could be in for thousands. Who wants to spend years paying out large sums when all you needed was R100.

Car insurance for the uninsured motorist, the benefits

Car insurance for the uninsured motorist

With high numbers of uninsured drivers, an accident by one of them is highly possible.

Buying insurance means that you do not lose your no-claim bonus, your premiums remain affordable and you won’t be charged for repair excess.

Third party cover, can you afford to be without it?

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 21, 2018