Guardrisk Insurance Company

Insurance companies vary. So once you have decided to purchase a policy, you’ll want questions answered about which company to choose. After all, you want to be sure you can rely on the company you choose and that they can meet their financial obligations to their customers. Do research and check out a company’s ratings and the features they offer. One company is Guardrisk Insurance.

Some Products more In Demand than Others, Guardrisk Insurance

The Guardrisk Insurance Group is made up of 3 wholly owned operating subsidiaries.  Guardrisk has consistently maintained their claims paying ability rating with their management’s high level of technical expertise. They were established in 1992 and operate as a subsidiary of MMI Holdings Limited. One of their favourite products is Admed, a particular product which provides that essential medical cover.

Guardrisk InsuranceThe shortfall amount is the amount your specialist charges you for treatment, which your medical aid won’t pay because the amount is far over the standard medical aid tariff. To benefit from this cover, you must be a member of a South African medical aid.

Guardrisk ensures the Financial wellbeing of Customers


Guardrisk provides tailor-made services, products and solutions for their clients, ensuring their financial wellness. To this end, Guardrisk Premium Finance provides structured instalment finance solutions. Benefits for customers include among others competitive interest rates, cash flow planning and structured repayments among others.

These solutions mean that customers can pay their annual insurance premiums over periods which suit them. When looking for a reputable insurance company, South Africans can be known that Guardrisk is registered as an insurer for short-term and life insurance. They offer custom designer cover, and through their cell ownership concept, their clients have access to a wide range of benefits, such as the cell’s underwriting profits. This cell captive industry is providing insurance for consumers usually thought of to be uninsurable by traditional short-term insurers.

Insurance for the Once Uninsurable

A cell captive insurer is a registered insurance company, like Guardrisk Insurance, who can extend their insurance license to independent 3rd party businesses. So these cell owners can operate their insurance facilities to suit their unique business goals.

The insurance company helps businesses insure their risk exposures by undertaking a strategic study of the risk exposures and finding solutions to manage them. With Guardrisk’s cell concept, instead of paying premiums and never getting anything back, cell owners can underwrite profits and build capital in their cells. Cell captives provide underwriting and claims management among others to cell owners or clients, and they get this from Guardrisk, SA’s oldest and largest cell captive insurer.

Other benefits include

  • access to re-insurance markets and international risk financing facilities
  • access to capital- and wholesale markets
  • the cell’s investment income, minus the investment fee of Guardrisk
  • decreased administration costs


Guardrisk has offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as Namibia and Mauritius. They offer value-added insurance policies, understand all the complexities of the insurance business, how to manage risk and grow assets.

Guardrisk can keep costs down and give clients access to all those insurance benefits enjoyed by short-term insurers.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 3, 2018