Who is the Best Car Insurance Company in South Africa?

Who is the best car insurance company? A study by carinfo.co.za has revealed that Outsurance and Prime Meridian rate as the country’s top two car insurance providers.

The study, carried out a year ago, used genuine reviews collected from policyholders by consumer site hellopeter.com.

Twenty-two insurance companies took part in the survey as a result they compare the compliments they receive from subscribers to the number of complaints against them.

They take into account the total number of reports a company receives, whether positive or negative, over the past year.

A company is ranked among the bigger insurers if it received more than 500 reports and categorised as smaller if it received less.

Overall regarding positive reviews, MiWay emerged on top with a percentage of 84. At the other end of the scale was Regent whose compliments only made up 12% of their reports.

The best car Insurance company – Bigger versus Smaller 

Best car insurance companyA comparison between the  ‘smaller’ and ‘bigger’ companies is implemented to find an accurate measure of results,

There is a further division into the nature of the reports as to whether they were about repairs, servicing, feedback, response, call centre, accounts or breach of contract.

According to this categorization, the top companies, based on the percentage of complaints among the smaller insurers, is chosen.

The less the complaints against a company, the higher it was ranked

  • Repairs/Servicing: AA Insurance & Sanlam – 0%
  • Feedback/Response: Virgin Money – 16%
  • Call centre: Prime Meridian – 2%
  • Breach of contract: PPS and Mutual & Federal – 3%
  • Billing/accounts: Prime Meridian – 4%


The findings were as follows for the same criteria among the bigger insurers

  • Repairs/Servicing: Old Mutual – 0%
  • Feedback/Response: 1st for Women – 15%
  • Call centre: 1st for Women – 4%
  • Breach of contract: MiWay and Dial Direct – 5%
  • Billing/accounts: Outsurance – 10%


The companies with the best results in the five categories as well as the number of compliments were ranked the highest.

All for the Benefit of the Policyholder

While the results are not entirely scientific, it is a handy barometer for the suppliers in the insurance industry regarding the quality of their service.

From this, companies can note the areas where they fall short in service delivery and make necessary adjustments. Therefore, the biggest beneficiary is the policyholders who benefit from improved service as businesses strive to improve.

These rankings can help you especially if you are looking for car insurance. Compare as many insurance companies as possible before making a final decision.

Visit the websites of as many car insurance providers and ask for quotes, most of them will send it to you free.

Choose the best car insurance company that offers you great benefits and the most affordable monthly premiums so use unbiased comparison websites such as carinfo.co.za which collate information from a broad spectrum of insurers.

These sites give you quotes that suit your needs and budget to find the best car insurance company.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 23, 2018