FNB Insurance For Car Home And Person

If you are a FNB customer then you are fortunate to know that a personal broker is there to offer you special FNB insurance advice along with exceptional service.

If you need to insure your worldly goods, you can be assured that exclusive FNB customer services will offer you more than just the general advice.

At FNB, your insurance broker will become a very convenient point of contact for you and get to know all about you, wanting to understand your personal goals.

FNB Insurance Brokers are a Branch of the Oldest Bank in South Africa

FNB Insurance BrokersWhich happens to be First National Bank, dating way back to 1838. Today they are a division of FirstRand Bank Limited and provides personal banking and insurance services throughout South Africa.

FNB’s insurance branch was created to simply provide more direct short-term insurance specifically to FNB’s clients.

FNB brokers will offer you the right kind of insurance that will specifically meet your needs and goals in looking after your loved ones. Not only that, they will regularly keep in touch with you ensuring that you’re up to date with the latest and most comprehensive cover.

FNB Insurance – Protecting your Goods

What is insurable from an FNB broker? Below is a list of all the insurance types that are insurable:

  • cars, 4x4s, bakkies, motorbikes, quad bikes and scooters
  • watercraft, small craft, pleasure craft, trailers and caravans
  • your home plus household contents and all your personal items
  • personal liability and personal accident

There are advantages to your being insured and discussing your needs with your FNB insurance broker. You’ll receive the best personalised advice. Your broker will offer you a variety of products which are backed by leading insurers in South Africa. This will be offered to you with the use of outstanding and superior technology so as to offer proactive advice and product offering.

FNB have more than 20 years of short-term insurance knowledge and advice. There are so many advantages that come with FNB insurance brokers and they are available to discuss all your insurance needs that fit your lifestyle exactly.

FNB Insurance – Take Your Pick

There are a variety of cover options for you to choose from as well:

  • comprehensive cover
  • third party, fire and theft cover as well as third party only cover
  • specified All Risk Cover or Unspecified All Risk cover

With the different insurance options there are factors that will impact on your risk profile. This will affect your premium. With a personal broker service from FNB, you as a client can rest assured that the monthly payments that have been designed specifically for you will work around your particular lifestyle and your family needs.

If you are a South African citizen with a bar-coded ID book, but you also have a FNB account, you are eligible to qualify for FNB insurance. This is applicable for the car and vehicle insurances which mean that you must also have a valid driver’s licence.

It will save you a lot of stress and give you great peace of mind that that have taken out excellent insurance for your specific needs.

You can get a car insurance quote here. Simply complete and submit the short form on this page. We will get back to you with an accurate quote

All info was correct at time of publishing October 2, 2018