Car Insurance Secrets Exposed

If you knew what was going on behind the scenes, it would be a lot easier to understand the secrets of car insurance agents work.  Here are some handy tips and secrets to keep in mind when they’re calculating a premium or guiding you to the ideal decision:

12 Secrets for You

  1. Insurance agents pull your records, and they double check them. They look at your claims and credit history, as well as vehicle record, but they’re aware if you are pulling information concerning your mileage, registration or if you’re the homeowner.
  1. Agents know your vehicle’s ISO rating because their programs automatically assign “symbols” to vehicles concerning its make, model and safety. This evaluation helps companies determine the risk of the vehicle, which in turn determines your premium.
  1. Traffic fines can hike up your premium and agents know which ones, in particular, will increase it. But how? Agents never disclose the surcharge schedule as it outlines the offences that trigger insurance points, as well as their value. They add up these points to determine if there should be a hike in your rate.Car Insurance Secrets

    More Secrets

  1. They’re aware when tickets will drop off your record. Because agents pull your driving record, they’re able to see violation dates and if it will impact your premium.
  1. Agents know if your rates will go up if you put in a claim. Insurance companies vary but have strict regulations about when surcharges are applied after an accident or a claim and will know which claims raise rates.
  1. Agents immediately know what kind of excess damage will result in your car will be written off or not.

Top Secrets

  1. One glance at your records and officers will know if you’re at a risk of being able to renew your policy. Issues such as drunken driving or multiple traffic violations can put you at risk of insurers cancelling your policy.

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  1. Agents are aware that plans provide certain protections but also that insurance companies aren’t always on your side when it comes to claims. They tend to become the mediator, as well as the word of truth.
  1. Agents will be straightforward about rejecting some types of claims, which includes certain actions of drivers, wear and tear and items stolen from the vehicle.

Best Secrets

  1. They’re aware how you can save on your premiums. Discounts can be due to advanced driving courses, removal of the second driver, age and occupation.
  1. Agents would throw out your claim if you used your vehicle to sell transportation as policies explicitly prohibit this, which means that in the case of an accident, the driver will be held liable for damages.
  1. Money makes the world go around and so does the commission for agents. They’re fully aware which companies offer incentives or which company needs sales to keep them satisfied. Agents are very likely to steer you in the right direction .

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 21, 2018