Affordable Motor Cover from Prime Meridian

Although car insurance is a pre-requisite in almost every country, buying car insurance in South Africa has its unique problems. Especially affordable motor cover.

There is inadequate insurance on 65% of the 10 million cars on the roads in South Africa!

One of the problems is that many of our roads are in a poor state of repair which can increase the chances of damages to vehicles and accidents.

You need Affordable motor cover in Pothole Country

South Africa’s currency has decreased in value by about 50% over the past few years, which means that road repairs will not be dealt with soon. And so the problem remains.

The low exchange rate makes car parts more expensive, and so insurance claims are far more than they once were. The insurance companies then raise their prices to keep up with the increases. Insurance then becomes too expensive for many drivers.

If you think you can’t afford car insurance, though, look around. Prime Meridian offer car insurance, including comprehensive insurance, for far less than most people think and other car insurance companies offer.

Prime Meridian and Affordable Motor Cover

Affordable motor cover

The advantage of cheaper policies is they set the insurance premiums for life which mean that you never have to pay more in the future due to the fixed rate.

Although the cost of insurance today is always a problem, with a lower price, the problem becomes smaller. Also, never knowing how much the policy will have increased by the time it is due for renewal. With a fixed price, though, you know there will be no increase.

The type of insurance you buy can, of course, affect the price you pay. The make and age of your vehicle also determine the premiums. But comprehensive cover, while being the most expensive, is certainly the best.

Prime Meridian – Working on getting You a Better deal

For this reason, Prime Meridian have worked on bringing the cost of comprehensive car insurance down, making it more affordable.

Comprehensive insurance pays for injuries and damages that the insured may suffer as well as those of any third parties. Third party only, and Third party fire and theft, only pay the expenses of the third parties.

Perhaps the main reason Prime Meridian insurance is more affordable is because it is paid monthly. Although other companies may offer monthly payments, their policies do not have a fixed price rate.

With a Prime Meridian policy, you won’t pay more each month than you did the previous one. Something that will not happen with other companies.

With the confidence of being fully insured, you can drive with peace of mind, despite the road’s state of disrepair.

And who knows how long it will take to repair them?

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 27, 2018