3rd Party Fire and Theft Insurance from iWyze

When it comes to major life purchases, your car rates as one of the largest. In fact, it is second only to your home. It is a major asset. It would be a wise choice to get 3rd party fire and theft insurance.

Choosing the right kind of insurance for your car is one of the most important financial decisions that you can make. Let’s have a look at the three different types of car insurance you might consider.

Comprehensive Cover

3rd party fire and theft insuranceFull cover is the gold standard. Should you be responsible for the damage to another vehicle, they will cover you.

Needless to say, full cover is the most expensive of all three covers.

Most finance companies make it a condition of financing that the car is comprehensively insured while you are paying for the vehicle.

3rd Party Fire and Theft Insurance

In this instance, they will not cover accidental damage to your vehicle. If someone steals your car, or if a fire destroys it, your insurer will cover you. If you damage another vehicle, they will also cover the other person’s repairs.

Third-party, fire and theft cover, is more affordable than the full cover but you do need to consider what will happen if your car is in a bad accident and you are to blame – your repairs will not have cover at all.

What that means is that you would have to repair or replace your car yourself.

If you have paid off your car, or have a car of lower value, this can be an attractive option for you.

Third Party Cover

Third party cover is the least expensive of all but only provides cover if you damage someone else’s vehicle. Your insurer will pay for their repairs. However, you will be responsible for your car repairs.

Here again, this is only advised if you have paid off your car or if your vehicle has a relatively small value.

3rd Party Fire and Theft Insurance from iWyze

This cover will cover you should your vehicle fall victim of third party incidents. If you cause an accident, this cover will pay out for the other party’s repairs. You must pay for your damages

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Car Insurance

  • Your car value lowers every year so do review the value for what sum you can insure your car. That can reduce your premium. Most insurers will pay out the book value of the car, not the replacement value, so you are not losing out by doing this.
  • You might be able to reduce your premiums by putting a voluntary excess in place – be sure that the amount of the excess is something you would easily be able to pay in need.


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All info was correct at time of publishing November 4, 2018