Prime Meridian Is Pure And Simple Insurance

Prime Meridian Insurance provides peace of mind in a country where theft of possessions and your life is rife.

On the roads, never ending construction work and drunk, reckless and unlicensed drivers have left very few South Africans unaffected.

Scores have been maimed, killed and had their lives changed forever. Insurance companies care more about your welfare than the South African government.

On these Dangerous roads You Need Insurance or be Plunged Into Financial Ruin

Prime MeridianWhy Prime Meridian car insurance? With a motto which says ‘Sound Insurance – Pure and Simple’, thousands of South Africans rely on Prime Meridian Direct which forms part of a financial services group of good standing.

Prime Meridian is all about meeting the insurance needs of everyone. Many don’t have motor vehicle insurance. They cite unaffordability as the reason.

With Prime Meridian you get a no-frills car insurance which sets about covering you for all those typical motoring risks such as theft, natural disaster, write-offs, highjacking and fire.

With a car insurance premium less than R300 a month, cash strapped people are amazed at this unbeatable offer.

Prime Meridian Direct – We’re there for You On Life’s Journey

The group is well established and offers affordable financial services and products to their customers such as personal- and hospital insurance. It was in 2009 however, that they saw the need to offer affordable motor insurance.

Prime Meridian Direct Insurance realised that traditional insurance products weren’t meeting the needs of ordinary people. With the development of their CoverGROW products, the insurance company felt they had found products that they could offer to the uninsured, but at truly affordable rates.

Prime Meridian Direct offers short and long term insurance products. Their most popular product is their car insurance. They have partnered with financially sound institutions such as RMB Structured Insurance Limited as well as Constantia Insurance Company Limited.

With Prime Meridian all the frustrations surrounding excesses and comprehensive cover are cut out

Prime Meridian car insurance offers 3 plans – the Prime Motor Thrift Plan, the Prime Motor CoverGrow plan and their most affordable plan, the Prime MotorAssist Plan.

With the first two plans you will NEVER pay any excess and your premium will also NEVER increase. Virgin Money Insurance also offers policies with useful benefits and they also don’t have basic motor excess, but these are claims which are more than R5000. Even if you claim with Virgin Money, your premium will remain fixed, but only for 12 months.

If you are looking for cheap motor vehicle insurance quotes, it is amazing that a minute of your time spent filling in an online form will present you with a number of vehicle insurance companies offering you a quote and you simply select the best deal.

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance means it covers everything such as floods, hailstorms and vandalism and you can also file for a claim should your car get stolen.

However if you don’t have collision insurance, damages to your car incurred because of a collision with another vehicle won’t be covered by comprehensive car insurance. Comprehensive insurance isn’t required by law and the decision to buy comprehensive insurance is up to you.

We’re all familiar with the saying ‘Living in South Africa isn’t for Sissies’. Life is cheap and insurance is an important financial decision which will offer financial protection.

Insure your life your possessions and your car with one of South Africa’s leading  insurance providers, Prime Meridian, and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

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All info was correct at time of publishing August 14, 2018