Momentum Car Insurance Saves You Money

There are several options available to South Africans who wish to get insurance for their vehicles. And this applies for personal or business use. One of them is Momentum car insurance, from a firm that has served this market for many years. It allows you to get cover for your vehicle if it a regular saloon car, a motorbike, or caravan.

Momentum Car Insurance for Fleets

You can also ask for Momentum car insurance for your fleet of cars, which is suitable if you are in the car hire business or have cars for delivery or ferrying staff.

However, the level of cover you can get is solely up to you; you can go for either third party only, third party, fire and theft or a comprehensive cover depending on your financial ability.

Momentum Car Insurance

This cover comes with several significant benefits including the car insured at retail value. Or take your Momentum car insurance at market value.

Unlike the motor insurance offered by other companies, you will not need to nominate drivers who will be covered by the policy. Whoever drives the vehicle regularly will automatically be covered.

Added Value from Momentum Car Insurance

As a policyholder, you also get 24-hour roadside assistance, which will come in handy if you have an emergency such as a car breakdown in a remote location. And if you are an off-road driving enthusiast, then you will be happy to learn about Momentum Explorer. This benefit will cover your 4×4 vehicle both within the borders of South Africa and in neighbouring countries.


With Momentum car insurance you have the extra peace of mind. And you know that you won’t encounter any hidden charges when it comes time to make a claim. If there are excesses payable, you will be aware of them right from the start.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 26, 2018