The Major Car Insurance Companies of SA

    January 17, 2019

    Who are SA’s major car insurance companies?

    • Car insurance = different strokes for different folks
    • Budget constraints
    • FREE quotes online
    • From basic cover to all the bells and whistles
    • SA’s Top 10 car insurance companies

    Different strokes for different folks

    Major Car Insurance CompaniesCar insurance premiums are dictated by personal needs and circumstances.

    Obviously, a sales rep will pay far more for insurance than someone who works from home.

    A single mother, for example, will need to ensure that she is covered for roadside assistance.

    Being a single mother probably means that her insurance should be affordable.

    In this case scenario, the AA (Automobile Association) would probably be a good bet because it offers automatic membership, with roadside assistance as one of the perks, when taking out an AA car insurance policy.

    Sales reps, on the other hand, will pay more for car insurance because of the number of hours spent on the road.

    They would probably also want insurance that offers a rental car when their own vehicles are in for service or repairs.

    Prompt and reliable roadside assistance would be another necessity.

    People who work from home or are you retired spend far less time travelling.

    In this case scenario, My Way insurance could have the solution with its “pay as you drive” policy.

    Budget constraints – Major Car Insurance Companies

    Car insurance packages should fall within budget constraints.

    Assess individual needs and then obtain quotes online to suit your lifestyle.

    FREE online quotes – Major Car Insurance Companies

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    • Receive FREE car insurance quotes.

    What are your personal needs?

    Factors to take into consideration are:

    • What do you earn?
    • Do you have children?
    • How far do you work from home?

    SA’s Top 10 Insurers – Major Car Insurance Companies

    Assessing a top car insurance company can only be based on personal needs, budget constraints and packages on offer.

    Personal needs can be assessed by asking yourself:

    • “What is important to me”?
    • If you are looking for average rates, you will receive average cover.

    South Africa’s Top 10 major car insurance companies, listed alphabetically, are:

    1.    AA Insurance

    2.    Auto & General

    3.    Budget

    4.    Dial Direct

    5.    Discovery Insure

    6.    First for Women

    7.    Indwe

    8.    Mutual & Federal

    9.    Outsurance

    10. Santam


    Shopping online for car insurance quotes is quick and simple.

    It also covers costs of accidental damage to a third party, but not damage to your own vehicle.

    Get a quote now.

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