Fleet Insurance for Commercial Vehicles

Businesses in South Africa who run a fleet are aware of the major security issues facing their business. They’re also conscious of the way workers take chances and try to get away with doing less and abusing the system too. Time for Fleet Insurance for Commercial Vehicles.

Apart from accidents, companies are therefore suffering in many other ways too. Companies with vehicle fleets require proper insurance which doesn’t only protect the actual car, but also the goods.

Fleet managers have got so much to deal with already –

Fleet Insurance for Commercial VehiclesРhow to reduce fuel consumption
– how to increase productivity
– checking whether the drivers have driver’s licenses with the right class requirements
– fleet tracking
– how to work out the best routes
– whether to buy or to lease… plus a host of scenarios the fleet may encounter.

Every sized Fleet Needs to be Insured with Fleet Insurance for Commercial Vehicles

There are different kinds of fleets, and the type of fleet your company has will play a part in its insurance, whether it’s a small- or large fleet. Some fleets have 3 or 4 vehicles while more major businesses have more than 500 employees and 50 or more vehicles in their fleet. These firms can be moving companies or rental truck companies for instance.

It’s because these training programs can reduce accident rates and lower liability exposure.

Staff need to know how to use all safety and emergency equipment on the vehicles they operate as well.

Adapt your Insurance to Changes within Your Fleet

Fleet insurance for commercial vehicles is difficult, but yet you’re able to cover all your vehicles under one policy, even if there are different makes and models in the fleet.

You want to ensure you have the right coverage for the lowest price.

You need to shop around and get some quotes from a variety of different insurance providers before deciding.

They offer different pricing tiers, and you need to be aware of this as your fleet and company can change from year to year. Your insurance policy will then need to change too. Therefore, make sure you get a flexible plan – one that can make provision for new drivers and new vehicles.

Some insurance companies also offer discounts to companies who make sure of fleet management software and have enhanced security measures in place.

Just Look at your Windscreen Claims

Road freight transport is vital to South Africa’s economy, but have you got the right type of cover? For most businesses, full cover insurance is a better choice than the third party only cover. In this industry, you can’t cut costs. Just look for instance at the number of windscreen claims you’ve made in the last year and the cost of those claims. Can your business afford to exclude windscreen cover?

Fleet management is a process that requires tracking, analysing and insuring the fleet for risk and prepare for every situation. Insurance cover includes 3rd party and other liability covers, medical costs, vehicle damage and towing cover and more.

Arrive Alive offers insightful information on insuring a fleet. Get the information you need and make sure your fleet isn’t a drain on your company’s finances.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 9, 2018