Top car hijacking zones in this country.

The top car hijack zones are listed below as hijackings are on the rise in this country. The latest official stats show a huge increase in hijackings, amounting to 40 a day! Welcome to the Wild West.

Apart from the massive cost implications with losing a car, there’s the life-changing trauma to deal with too.

The statistics are no doubt much higher as many victims do not report the crime because nothing gets done about it anyway.

Top car Hijack zones – Some cars more Prone to Theft

Unfortunately, there are certain cars which are high up on the list for these criminals. The most popular being the Volkswagen Polo and the Toyota Fortuner SUV.

Top car hijack zonesA few points about what to be aware of to deter a hijacking –

  • Always be alert and aware of what’s going on around you, especially when you are stationary.
  • If you suspect you’re being followed, don’t turn into your driveway –drive on to a police-station.
  • Always drive with your doors locked
  • Most hijackings occur at intersections. At night, in lonely areas, don’t stop at a red robot, look around for approaching traffic and drive safely through. Countless people waiting for a robot to change have had their windows smashed.
  • Never pick up strangers or hitch hikers.
  • Your children may be involved in a hijack situation too. Teach them how to react when it does happen.

Here are Some of the Top car Hijack zones – 

When it comes to listing top hijack zones in this country there are too many to name. However, you’ll find plenty of suggestions on the Internet for the area you find yourself in. Look for ‘Car hijack zones in South Africa’s top 4 cities’, or ‘Top 10 car hijacking hotspots in Cape Town’, and so on. Gauteng has the most hijackings.

 Johannesburg –

  • Corner of Pretoria Road and CR Swart
  • Linksfield Road off-ramp off the N3
  • Nelson Mandela Bridge
  • Houghton Drive M1 off-ramp
  • Beyers Naudé off-ramp on the N1 highway and plenty others

Pretoria –

  • Whole of Burnett Street
  • Stormvoel Road off ramp traffic lights
  • Justice Mahomed Street
  • Rigel Avenue and N1 off-ramp
  • Solomon Mahlangu and R21 highway

Cape Town –

  • Military Road and Prince George Drive
  • Station Road
  • Klipfontein Road
  • Alice Street and Voortrekker Road
  • R300, N1 Cape Town


Gauteng is most certainly the carjacking capital with KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape a close second and third.

Unfortunately hijackings are increasing. And instead of the police doing all they can to bring down the car hijacking statistics dramatically, they just put up another ‘Hijack Hotspot’ sign. Great! So you are on your own. Be forever alert and aware. Stay safe.

All info was correct at time of publishing March 14, 2018