The Most Affordable Comprehensive Car Insurance in SA

Where will I find affordable comprehensive car insurance?

  • Innovative insurance company
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  • No Risk Profiling
  • Guaranteed fixed premiums for life
  • Rising costs = rising insurance premiums

South Africa is in a recession.

The decreasing value of the Rand is impacting on every front.

It is no surprise to learn that 7 out of every 10 motorists do not have car insurance.

But there is a solution!

Prime Meridian offers vehicle insurance that is affordable, with premiums for life!

Innovative car insurance – Affordable Comprehensive Car Insurance

Responding to South Africa’s insurance crisis, Prime Meridian went to the drawing board and came back with innovative solutions.

So tailoring their car insurance products, the company offers consumers packages that are both cost-effective and affordable.

Affordable Comprehensive Car Insurance

Affordable Comprehensive Car InsuranceWhen it comes to affordability, it is hard to beat Prime Meridian’s vehicle insurance from as little as R149 a month.

This is affordable car insurance that costs about half of what you would pay for a comprehensive policy.

So adding to the woes of motorists hard-pressed to meet car insurance payments, is the Risk Profiling clause applied to comprehensive insurance.

The old adage of “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” applies to Risk Profiling.

So what it means is that the more affluent South Africans who can afford to live in safe neighbourhoods with secure parking and who drive more upmarket vehicles pay less for their car insurance.

On the other hand, the man-in-the-street living in the “real” world and who drive average cars, pay more for their insurance.

Guaranteed fixed premiums for life

By fixing premiums for the life of the policies, Prime Meridian can offer motorists affordable insurance.

Furthermore, there are excess payments to be made when claiming, and premiums are not subject to annual increases.

Rising costs = rising insurance premiums

The ever-depreciating Rand has seen steep increases for the importation of vehicle spares.

This, in turn, has led to increases in the cost of repairs.

This item, alone, makes up about 40% of average claims.

These factors have prompted insurance companies to opt for a “repair” rather than “replace” option.

Conclusion – Affordable Comprehensive Car Insurance

Prime Meridian’s affordable car insurance offers the solution to millions of South African motorists facing onerous budget constraints.

In the light of ever-increasing motoring costs, it is understandable that short-term insurance will be the first item a family will cut from its budget.

But with premiums starting from R149 a month, coupled with the fact that payments are fixed for the life of the policy, Prime Meridian has come to the rescue of untold numbers of vehicle owners.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 17, 2019