Budget car insurance will look after your baby

Why should I contact Budget car insurance company?

  • Budget has a proven track record
  • They offer value for money
  • There are deals to suit everyone’s pocket
  • All policies come with added benefits
  • The claims process is simple and fast

Road travel used to be a great deal safer than it is now. Considering how much more traffic there is, how bad the roads are and how people disregard the rules of the road. Driving has become a minefield.

If you factor in the costs of car repair or replacement, it quickly becomes apparent that car insurance is something that has become essential.

For a Safer driving Experience – Contact Budget car insurance company

Contact Budget car insurance companyBudget has four separate products to choose from to ensure that you have some level of cover. Whether you have an old clanger that you just need third-party insurance for or fully comprehensive insurance, Budget has you covered.

In addition to the benefits offered by Budget, you are also able to up your third-party liability insurance to a maximum of twenty million rands.

Have a look below for the breakdowns of each cover option.

Comprehensive Cover

For complete peace of mind and cover for all instances from total loss to accidental damage. Comprehensive cover is the most costly and covers you for all events. A financed car must have Comprehensive insurance.

Third-Party Fire and Theft 

This is a less extensive cover that suits a tighter budget. You can claim if you accidentally damage someone else’s vehicle so that you are not liable for the repairs to their car. You will have to pay for damages to your own car, however. Fire and theft are also covered.

Third-Party Only

The most basic of all and is intended to reduce your liability if you accidentally damage someone else’s car. The repairs to their car will be covered. Your car, however, will not be covered whether lost or destroyed for any reason.

BetterCar Value

When insuring your vehicle, you have to choose between the Market, Trade or Retail value of your car. Should something happen, you will be able to replace your car with one that has the same value.

But what if you want a newer car? Budget allows you to insure at what they call BetterCar Value. What this means is that if your car has to be replaced, you can buy one of the same makes of car but a year newer.

This option only applies to cars that are eight years old or less. It does not apply if the car has been written off because of theft or a  hi-jacking.

The BetterCar payout will be at least the retail value of your insured vehicle and an additional 15%. The payout will not exceed the total of the retail value of your insured vehicle and an additional 40%

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 20, 2019