South Africa’s Best Car Insurance Providers

Top 10 lists of anything, let alone insurance providers, are usually subjective. However, we have one for the top car insurance providers in South Africa, and it reads as follows, in no particular order:

Our List of Top Car Insurance Providers

These companies have made a name for themselves in the car insurance industry thanks to their reliability and outstanding service. The variety of the options they offer car owners and the relevance of their products have also contributed to their high ranking.

More Car Insurance Providers

However, many other companies offer car insurance in South Africa, and they may have a better car insurance product for you at this point in your personal and professional development. So don’t take this list as the be all and end all of car insurance, do some research on your own.

Visit the websites of various providers and request quotes and compare what they offer regarding the cost of premiums and benefits. To make your work easier, you can use one of the many websites that offer to do

Car Insurance Providers in South Africa

the comparison for you for free.

When deciding which insurance product or provider is best suited to meet your needs, there are some considerations you need to take into account. Some include:

Car usage

If you work from home and only use your car for the occasional jaunt to the supermarket, you don’t need to pay premiums as high as someone who is perpetually behind the wheel. You can take advantage of policies where your premiums are based on how much you drive. The more you drive, the more you expose yourself to risk and thus the higher your premiums should be, logically. The opposite should therefore also be true. MiWay Insurance offers subscribers the pay-as-you-drive option.


Imagine you are a sales rep who relies on their car to visit potential clients. Your car breaking down in the middle of a work day would be a disaster. But it would be an even worse disaster if you couldn’t get immediate assistance. Imagine if you had to sit idle waiting for a mechanic or a tow truck. If this is you, you need to go for a policy that offers prompt 24-hour assistance as an option. You might even decide to go for a plan that provides a backup vehicle as yours is towed to a mechanic and repaired. It will likely mean higher premiums, but it will be a great relief to be able to get going again immediately after a breakdown.


The most significant factor for many buyers of car insurance will ultimately be how much it costs. The level of cover depends on how much you are willing to spend on premiums. Comprehensive cover caters for virtually all kinds of eventualities on the road, or even while the car is parked, is the most costly. If you want the bare minimum car insurance cover, the third party might be your only alternative, though.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 26, 2018