Minimum Car Insurance Over Festive Season

You might be one thousands of South Africans who don’t have car insurance. Maybe you are looking forward to the Festive Season and planning a holiday journey.

Stop! Don’t just pull away with the family and the luggage, the Venter trailer and the caravan.

There is minimum car insurance you need over the Festive Season.

Fortunately, it’s so cheap. It costs about R100 a month to have this kind of car insurance.

Festive Season Minimum Cover

What happens if you crash into a R1 million car and it’s your fault? Your insurance company will have to Festive Season Car Insurancepay the costs.

If you have car insurance, that is.

So make sure you have car insurance that can at the very least pay for damage to other cars. Never mind your own car…

The insurance you need is Third Party insurance.

At least you will be covered during the Festive Season, and really cheaply at that.

Some of the places you can get Third Party insurance are Mutual & Federal, AA, Santam and Auto and General.

For quick service, complete and send the form on this page to get Third Party insurance – cheap

All info was correct at time of publishing December 8, 2017