The Importance of Car Insurance

Buying your first car can be incredibly exciting! It’s a big step in your life and choosing the right car for your needs can be a challenge on its own. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end there. After you have purchased your vehicle, you need to ensure that you have the right car insurance to accompany it. Most people believe that car insurance is an unnecessary, and they don’t realise the importance of car insurance. If you are one of those people, then read this article to understand the importance of car insurance.

The importance of car insurance


The first and utmost importance of having car insurance is that it provides protection. It protects you from personal liability if you end up in an accident.

If you are involved in an accident, and you are at fault, you can personally be held responsible for damage to the other person’s car as well as medical bills if the person has been injured. These costs can easily amount to hundreds and thousands which you might not readily have available. Your car insurance will help you cover these expenses.

When you are in a car accident and the other party cannot pay for your injuries Your insurance
will help with the bills

importance of car insurance

Added Protection and Benefits

Most car insurance providers add more to your insurance than coverage for an accident that was your fault. These advantages include the following.

Cover due to loss of or damage

This can include any damage cost to your car during hijackings or natural disasters such as rain, floods, snow, earthquakes, fire, etc. It also can also include cover due to loss of your vehicle as a result of theft or a robbery.

Towing and storage costs

After an accident, the towing and storage cost of your vehicle can be covered by your insurance company.


When your car breaks down during an out of town excursion, your insurance company can provide a vehicle during the repair time.

Roadside assistance

Most insurers offer free 24-hour roadside assistance no matter where you are! This can be a great help especially if you aren’t very car savvy, which is why we can’t stress the importance of car insurance enough.

International benefits

Some insuring companies will even provide added vehicle benefits when visiting neighbouring countries with your car. They might also help you receive discounted rates when hiring a car from partnering companies.

Cash back bonuses

If you are claim-free for a period, a cash back bonus might be redeemable!

Each insuring company will have their own primary and added benefits when it comes to car insurance. Car insurance isn’t just about when a car crashes, but rather a solution when the unexpected happens to your vehicle. And the unexpected can get quite pricey, especially regarding your vehicle. This is where car insurance gives you the peace of mind.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 16, 2018