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There are half a million accidents in South African roads each year, and not to mention a further 140,000 stolen or hijacked vehicles in the same 12-month period. So choosing not to have vehicle insurance could be a risky option, to say the least. Here we will have a look at AB car insurance brokers.

So why do millions of South African vehicle owners choose not to insure?

And the answer cannot be ignored. Comprehensive insurance has just become too expensive for most men-in-the-street.

Why AB Car Insurance Brokers?

AB Brokers has established itself as a leading insurance broker that South Africans can rely on. They are committed to bringing you the insurance that you need at a price that you can afford.

Whether or not you already have comprehensive insurance cover, you owe it to yourself and to the ones you love to give AB Brokers a call. Not only will they compare quotes on your behalf from the cheapest car insurance companies in the country, you can rely on them to also negotiate the cheaper available rates on your behalf.

What’s on offer by AB Car Insurance Brokers?

AB Brokers know the ins-and-outs of every South African insurance company and will always find you the best deal.

Also, AB Brokers will negotiate the best possible insurance package to cover losses involved with accidents, hijacking and or theft.

AB Brokers’ comprehensive vehicle insurance covers losses caused by fire, explosions and natural disasters such as hail and floods.

What does it cost?

AB Car Insurance Brokers

AB Brokers calculates insurance premiums based on personal risk profiles. In other words, the higher the risk, the higher the premium.

So, if you want to buy a new sports car it’s going to cost you a lot more to insure than dad’s old family bang-about simply because any insurance claim will be higher for a sports car than for an old Dodge!

Likewise, premiums will be lower in safer residential areas than in those where car theft is rife.

Don’t over-insure your vehicle

  • Insure your vehicle for what it is used.
  • Vehicles used to travel to and from work should be insured for private use.
  • Vehicles used to visit clients or to transport goods should be insured for business use.


Contact Details

P O Box 8727, Cumberwood, 3235

Telephone: 0861 696 999 | 086 560 5819

So give AB Brokers a call right now. They handle all claims from the moment that you register, be it an accident, loss or stolen vehicle. AB Brokers will deal with your enquiry in the language of your choice.


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All info was correct at time of publishing June 5, 2018