What is All Risk Cover?

What does all-risk insurance cover?

With the all-risk insurance from Momentum, you can get cover for a range of your and your family members’ personal items. These can include jewellery, clothing, mobile devices and cameras.

Why you need all-risk insurance 

  • Your possessions will be under the cover no matter where in the world you go
  • With unspecified insurance, you won’t need to list down every item that should be included under All-Risk Insurancethe cover.
  • You can expect to pay much lower excess than the normal contents insurance. With fixed excess, you can expect no nasty surprises when making claims.
  • Covers any item with a value above R1,500 under specified all risk


Personalising your all-risk cover 

You can get personal cover for selected personal items of high value. For high-value smartphones you can get mobile phone insurance. Travellers looking to cover the risk of losing their luggage or camera during their excursions can take up luggage and camera insurance respectively. People looking to secure their high-value accessories can take up jewellery insurance.

Added all-risk insurance benefits 

Your premiums will be guaranteed over 12 months regardless of whether or not you make a claim. This policy also has no hidden costs to fear.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 21, 2018