Why third party insurance is essential for your car

Make sure your car is not totally uninsured – one accident and your future can be wrecked. Third party insurance will take care of most eventualities and give peace of mind.

If you cannot afford comprehensive insurance at least get some form of insurance like third party cover. It’s cheap. And it will cover the costs of damage to another vehicle, though not your own.

In today’s difficult economic times with budgets stretched, you only need to dent another vehicle (not to mention cause a serious smash) and you will have to find that money.

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Comprehensive Insurance Covers All Eventualities and is the Best You Can Get

Third Party InsuranceThird party insurance is compulsory in many countries and it should be in South Africa, but it is not.

There are moves afoot to make third party compulsory so that at least you have insurance cover for repairing any damage done to other vehicles in any accidents that you cause.

It is best to have comprehensive insurance – this covers damage to your car, damage to a third party and loss as a result of fire or theft.

There is ‘reduced insurance’ that covers damage to a third party car, but not to your own. In addition it covers your car against fire and theft. It is somewhat cheaper.

Then there is third party only insurance – your car is not covered in any way, but you are covered against damage you may cause to another car. It’s a lot better than nothing – and it won’t cost “nothing” if you have an accident.

Here’s A “No Third Party Insurance” Nightmare Scenario You Don’t want to Wake Up to

Imagine. You have no third party insurance. You hit one of  those Million Rand Mercs and it’s your fault. Unless you are a multi-millionaire your life is on the rocks, probably permanently. Is this any way to go?

The important thing to understand is that even though you may own a rusting bakkie of purely sentimental value, that bakkie can do a lot of damage – damage that you will have to pay for. That’s why you need third party insurance.

So even though you may choose not to insure your car, you MUST have third party insurance to protect yourself against damage that your car might do to another car. Not doing so is the height of foolishness, and puts you and your family at serious risk financially. Simply request car insurance quotes for third party only and you’re covered – couldn’t be easier!

If you cannot afford third party insurance then it makes a lot more sense to lock your car in a garage until you can afford it.

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All info was correct at time of publishing March 11, 2019