The Ombudsman for Car Insurance and You

    October 13, 2018

    The first thing most people do when they start earning money is to buy a car, and that’s where the Ombudsman for car insurance comes in.

    No more getting lifts everywhere, no more waiting around when you wanted to leave long ago already.

    Having a car is equal to having your ticket to freedom. Unfortunately, a car sometimes turns out to be not so carefree after all.

    Unscrupulous Car Dealers sorted out by Ombudsman

    Ombudsman for car insurance

    When you buy your vehicle from a dealer, it should be roadworthy, and it should match the description as advertised.

    Some unscrupulous dealers provide misleading information about the car so that a month after buying it, it’s giving you endless trouble.

    It is an offence under consumer law for a dealer to withhold important information when selling a car. The Motor Industry Ombudsman handles complaints like these against dealers and manufacturers.

    Arbitration proceedings take place when the parties cannot come to an agreement. All parties involved are bound to accept the Ombudsman’s decision.

    Dealing with a Private seller Means no Consumer Rights

    Many people think that buying from a private seller is the best way because it cuts out all that red tape and some of the frustrations you get from dealers.

    Sometimes you strike it lucky with a private seller but not always. You don’t have the same consumer rights if you are buying a car from a private seller. Another drawback is that most private sales also don’t come with a warranty.

    If you buy your car from a private seller and discover problems, there’s often little you can do. You can go the small claims route through the courts or consider legal action through a solicitor.

    The Ombudsman for Car insurance is there for You

    The Office of the Ombudsman offers a free service to those consumers looking to resolve disputes with insurers. Of all the complaints they receive, most have to do with rejected motor insurance claims.

    The professional staff, as well as cooperation from insurers, means that the office of the Ombudsman resolves a huge percentage of cases. They have been operating for 27 years and have the power to make rulings that insurers are contractually bound to honour.

    There’s a Right and a Wrong way

    The Ombudsman for car insurance requires you to follow certain procedures when deciding to submit your complaint. They need you to complain in writing and then keep all your correspondence and details up to date. Always speak to the same person that you dealt with previously.

    Arrive Alive suggests you try to understand car insurance. It’s a contract where the insurance company takes on financial responsibility for losses the insured person may incur because of theft or an accident.

    For your sake, understand the terminology and the exclusions. Remember always to be truthful, because if you’re not, all the insurer’s promises won’t hold up, and you’ll only have yourself to blame.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing