The Discovery car insurance scheme is a rewarding discovery

Here are a number of reasons why you should choose Discovery car insurance:

  • Free car hire or Uber services when your car is out of action
  • Earn rewards for being a good driver
  • Vitalitydrive Sensor driving technology is available exclusively with Discovery
  • Discovery is an award-winning firm
  • Opportunities to earn points you can spend

Discovery is an established and trusted name in South Africa. You get a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

And, Discovery offers a range of additional benefits that other insurers simply cannot match.

There are Many reasons Why you should choose Discovery car insurance

Here are just some of the unique reasons:

  • Car hire for up to a month if your car is undrivable or you can use Uber services
  • No excess to pay when claiming for hail damage
  • If an accident is caused by a third-party with insurance, you don’t pay any excess
  • You can earn a maximum of R800 back on the fuel you buy every month if you drive well
  • The Vitalitydrive Sensor technology is exclusive to Discovery. The sensor assists you in the event of an accident – getting you help when you need it quickly. The sensor detects that there has been an impact.

Some of the Awards Discovery has Earned to Date

Why you should choose Discovery car insuranceAt the Gartner Financial Services Cool Business Awards held in Barcelona in 2015, Discovery walked off with two prizes.  The Overall EMEA Digital Champion and Most Innovative New Digital Product Awards. Discovery was also named best car insurance firm in South Africa by

Earn rewards with Discovery Vitalitydrive

Discovery has introduced Vitalitydrive to reward drivers for good driving. You can earn up to 50% of the money you spend at Shell or BP on fuel if you practice good driving habits and start to engage more. You will start at the basic tier and build this to the 50% reward. There is a maximum reward limit of R800 per month.

Vitalitydrive active Rewards

  • Get rewarded with vouchers for drinks at KAUAI or Vida e Caffe for driving well
  • Receive vouchers for the car wash or for parking
  • Qualify for a 25% discount when using Uber.
  • Receive discounts when using Scooter Angels and Road Trip
  • If you choose the Dynamic Plan you save up to 12% of your premium. This is adjusted after three months have passed and annually
  • Get a reward for being young for a change. If you are between the ages of 17 and 26, you stand to earn additional rewards every half year. This is over and above your fuel reward
  • Save up to 15% when going to Tiger Wheel and Tyre
  • Earn double your normal rewards for fuel if you allow it to be paid into a fund that is designed to cater for excesses when you need to claim
  • Win a full tank of fuel just for practising safe driving
  • If you use the Gautrain and also buy fuel, you receive a reward based on the total spend every month for the two combined

Now you know why you should choose Discovery car insurance. Could you ask for more?

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 22, 2019