Keep Your Car Perfect Inside And Out With Auto Elite

When your car starts to act up more than is expected and the trouble isn’t likely to go away on its own, Auto Elite are the go-to-guys.

Your car needs regular maintenance, and if you do suspect odd behavior from it then it needs to be checked over.

You may find that your washing and waxing isn’t getting rid of those nicks and scratches on the paintwork and if you don’t have time to follow maintenance recommendations in your owner’s manual, let someone else who loves cars, do it.

Expect Unlimited Service Excellence from the Unlimited

Auto EliteThe Unlimited is an authorised financial services provider which was started in 1994. Apart from the range of other products and services they also offer car insurance.

Founded on family values, The Unlimited knows that your car is one of your biggest investments.

They know that it pays to keep your vehicle in tip top condition inside and out. They offer different plans to keep your car in showroom condition, however their standard or normal plan provides just external benefits.

The Auto Elite Plan has You covered Inside and Out

These insurance plans are cheaper than what you get from most other companies, but they’ve got that added benefit of helping to keep your car constantly looking good. The condition of the car also has an impact on your insurance cost. A car that has been well maintained will have a lower cost than one which has been handled roughly.

Here’s what The Unlimited’s Auto Elite plan offers so as to keep your wheels in immaculate condition –

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • every 90 days you get repairs up to the value of R3000 to sort our scratches and dents
  • rim and mag repairs – this is critical because South African roads are infamous for their potholes
  • windscreen chips are taken care of
  • tar removal
  • door handles, dashboard, centre console – these and more are treated for scuffs and scratches
  • upholstery – tears, cigarette burns and loose stitching are attended to

Owning a car is the dream of everyone, but it will require maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition. The Auto Elite offering from The Unlimited is a good choice.

Submit your name and telephone number to a representative from The Unlimited, and they will contact you to discuss what you require for your car. You can also find useful information on the terms and conditions of auto care cover on The Unlimited website.

From Bumper to Shiny Bumper You’re Covered

The Platinum option provides you with interior and exterior benefits, whereas the normal plan provides only external benefits. Make sure you know exactly which plan you want.

Headlight replacement, odour removal, aircon treatment and scotchguard for fabric seat are just some of the many options you get.

Car insurers calculate premiums taking a host of factors into account such as gender, age and car usage for instance. The best car insurance deals for one driver may not suit the next, and that is why speaking to a professional can help you get the best deal.

Phone The Unlimited on 0861 835 386 and find out about their Auto Elite plan and get clarity on this product. After all, the value of your car is also an important factor when deciding on the type of insurance you need.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 10, 2018