Which Car Insurance Company in South Africa is Best?

Which car insurance company in South Africa would you choose? Carinfo.co.za, who provide reviews and quotes on car insurance online reveal several fascinating developments.

Information collected by Carinfo.co.za over the course of the year shows that General, Auto and Momentum jointly hold the crown.

Listed on hellopeter.com, 22 insurance companies that offered insurance services within South Africa get compared with an overall rating awarded.

Which Car insurance Company is Best? Compliments vs. Complaints

As provided by clients, the research encompassed both general compliments and complaints.

General and Auto led the way out of the 22 companies with the highest percentage of praises at 82% likewise, Hollard, FNB Insurance Brokers and AIG Insurance received the most criticism at 91%.

Larger insurance companies are those with 500 reports or more. Those with less are smaller. The outcome was broken down into two tiers therefore, each firm was judged on the five categories with the nature of the grievance studied.

The five groupings are:

  • Response/Feedback
  • Servicing/Repairs
  • Accounts/Billing
  • Call centre
  • Breach of agreement


Results of Small Firms category:


Which car insurance company

Momentum placed number one in the category Response/Feedback featured the least number of grievances.

Sanlam, Alexander Forbes and AIG Insurance led the way in the classification of Servicing/Repairs with no complaints (0%), whereas Alexander Forbes led the Accounts/Billing group by receiving only 5% complaints.

In the Call centre category, PPS logged the least complaints with 0% similarly, the Breach of Agreement category saw Mutual and Federal, FNB Insurance Brokers and Sanlam receiving only 5% customer dissatisfaction.

Which Car insurance Company continued

Big Firms’ Group

In the Response/Feedback category, Virgin Money Insurance led the way, with the fewest complaints, at 17%, while in the category of Servicing/Repairs, Old Mutual was best with only 1% complaints.

Meanwhile in the Accounts/Billing grouping, recording only 8% worth of grievances was Outsurance.

The winner of the Call Centre classification was Old Mutual with only 3% criticisms and the category Breach of Agreement saw Old Mutual again feature the lowest amount of complaints at 2%.

Calculating the fewest number of complaints, by percentage, in addition to compliments, received, also by percentage, determine the best insurance firms.

Points were awarded to the five top ranked firms within all the five groupings individually.  The best ten highest complimented percentage-wise.

Informed decisions

Self-described vehicle-related issues website Carinfo.co.za says one of its primary purposes is the provision of insightful information to readers.

As no information was available, the firm took it upon itself to survey South Africa’s best insurance companies due to it being a common question.

To be fair, the research methodologies that they use are not entirely scientific, however, the conclusions give a better insight into insurance companies’ service levels, thereby aiding in better decision making.

The website plans to carry out a similar, follow-up survey to compare both studies.

Due to exposure to the initial study, it will encourage insurance firms to improve client service.”

Carinfo.co.za clarifies that they do not endorse any insurance firm mentioned in the research.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 10, 2018