Altech Vehicle Tracking from Netstar

In an industry first, Altech Netstar will pay you up to R160,000 if it fails to recover your stolen or hijacked vehicle. In this article, we will have a look at Altech vehicle tracking from Netstar.

Netstar’s Recovery Service Warranty is an optional extra feature and forms part of its Safe and Sound Early Warning package.

An extra payment is required for this Recovery Service Warranty, and a set of terms and conditions also applies.

Another innovation

Netstar has also developed a vehicle locking jamming service that is available for a nominal extra monthly fee for subscribers to its Safe and Sound plus and Early Warning packages.

These services all form part of Netstar’s innovative Stolen Vehicle Recovery technology.

Jamming Resist – Altech Vehicle Tracking

Altech Vehicle Tracking from NetstarJamming Resist is the latest technological breakthrough in Netstar’s Safe and Sound packages and comes as a standard feature for all subscribers.

So jamming occurs when a criminal pushes a remote button at the same time as you do to lock your vehicle. This jams the signal and you walk away but your vehicle is not locked. When this happens, Netstar will immediately alert you via a warning SMS.

According to a company spokesman, an increasing number of motorists are becoming the victims of vehicle locking remote jamming. With Jamming Resist, motorists will avoid insurance claim disputes because this technology proves that the incident actually occurred.

The company responds to about 10 hijackings every week in which the use of jamming devices is suspected and is unaware of any other competitor that offers a system complying with the three key elements to resist jamming. These are:

  • Jamming Resist can detect signal interference
  • Jamming Resist can transmit emergency signals
  • Also, jamming Resist can send the emergency on a different frequency to the one being jammed


Safe and Sound – three packages

Not only does Netstar offer subscribers three different packages that are affordable and flexible, the company also goes that extra mile by keeping costs to a minimum.

With Netstar’s tracking service, you can start with the basic Safe and Sound package and if you decide to upgrade at a later stage, not only can you do so without having to fit another tracking device in your vehicle, you won’t even have to enter into a new contract.

Altech Netstar employs more than 200 professional mobile technicians nationwide who will visit you at your location to install the tracking device. The company also offers special deals on a seasonal basis.

How much does a tracking device cost? – Altech Vehicle Tracking

Netstar’s Sleuth Nano costs a mere R99 a month and offers:

  • Quality technology at an affordable price
  • Quality wireless technology
  • Professional fitment at a location of your choice
  • A battery with a life-span of three years
  • GSM signal that resists jamming
  • A private radio frequency


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All info was correct at time of publishing June 5, 2018