Cars are expensive but you can cut costs.

    January 13, 2019

    It’s getting more and more difficult trying to work out how to save on car Insurance premiums.

    You can join a car pool which cuts your mileage and fees there. Or you can install anti-theft devices such as an immobiliser or tracking device.

    Maybe ensure your car is parked in a safe, lock-up area at night or drive carefully and keep a clean accident history. There are endless ways to cut costs.

    It’s no wonder people are looking to cut back on insurance and still benefit because it’s getting harder to put food on the table.

    Unfortunately, South Africa’s weakening currency, as well as the increase in vehicle accidents, have meant that the industry just raises premiums.

    How to save – Assess the Value of your Car yearly

    How to save

    However, there are some things that drivers can do to lower their large premiums. Some people drive an older car to get lower fees; others are buying the latest vehicles and paying a fortune.

    Also, many car owners pay a lot more than they should be for their car insurance. You need to assess the value of your car and also review your car insurance.

    Life changes, but the insurance firms only continue to charge the same premiums for the original value of your car. Year after year you pay the full amount if you don’t inform them of the changes.

    You should review your policy every year; you could save a lot if you take the time. But, apart from doing these yearly checks, there are other ways to reduce your premiums.

    How to save – There are More ways Than one

    Pay a higher excess, also known as a deductible. If you’re a careful driver with no history of accidents, it can be cheaper to raise the excess of your policy. Policies with a higher excess have lower premiums.

    Many insurers will offer lower premiums if you attend, and pass, an advanced driving course. With improved driving skills your chances of being involved in an accident are far less.

    How to Save – Compare

    You don’t have to accept what your insurance firm makes you pay each month. And there is no reason to stick with one insurer when there are so many more reasonable ones. Companies like Outsurance for instance, who actually tell you that they have more than 40 ways to save you money on your car insurance each month.

    Prime Meridian Direct have developed cheap car insurance for people with different budgets and promises fixed premiums while the policy is active. With some options starting from as little as R99, it certainly pays to compare, as there are affordable options out there.

    Comprehensive insurance

    Only you can decide what type of cover you want. The people who drive old cars do so for a purpose – to save money. They don’t buy whole cover as their cars are less likely to be stolen. They go for much more affordable Third Party Only insurance which is a much cheaper form of cover. It includes any damages that you cause to somebody else.

    Yes, car insurance is expensive, so it pays to do your research and compare quotes. Check your policy details regularly. By following the tips we’ve suggested, you can pay less and be putting your savings towards something far more exciting than car insurance. Like food!

    All info was correct at time of publishing