Off Road Vehicle Insurance from Tuffstuff

    December 4, 2018

    Tuffstuff off road vehicle insurance fills a gap in the insurance market – a product made for people who enjoy off-roading in Africa.

    Travelling off into the African continent is an adventure, but there is a lot that can go wrong – mechanical difficulties, theft, medical emergencies, etc. may become part and parcel of your African experience.

    Tuffstuff has made a name for itself and became a market leader when it comes to off road vehicle insurance.

    off road vehicle insuranceOff Road Vehicle Insurance – What it Covers

    TuffStuff can include any four wheel drive vehicle – from quad bikes, and caravans through to luxury vehicles like the Audi Q7.

    Also, executive class vehicles and sedans can also be covered up to a maximum value of R1 600 000.

    Your leisure equipment such as jet skis, paragliders, etc. TuffStuff can insure under the same policy.

    The cover extends to all of Africa below the equator, including Kenya.

    Medical Peace of Mind

    One of the main concerns when off-roading is that you could need medical help in a remote area. Tuffstuff covers medical evacuation by aircraft if you are outside the borders of South Africa.

    Tuffstuff will not only dispatch an aircraft to airlift you from the area. But they will also ensure that you get back to South Africa. This saves time when it comes to dealing with injuries and also ensures that you get the best care.

    The cover limits to R250 000 per individual and R1 000 000 per incident.

    Also, the cover ensures top quality private hospitals on your return to the country. Tuffstuff guarantees the admission fees. The cover limits to R20 000 per individual or R80 000 per incident.

    Trauma counselling will be available if it is necessary.

    Vehicle Cover

    Should your car be stolen or break down, you and the other occupants of the vehicle will be brought back to South Africa. Emergency vehicle repairs are also covered when outside South Africa.

    Car hire and hotel accommodation, are also provided for under the terms of the policy.

    The vehicle’s radio is under all-risks insurance up to an amount of R10 000.

    Value Adds

    • Legal cover to the amount of R75 000 outside the borders of South Africa.
    • Personal Accident insurance of R35 000.
    • Key replacement of R20 000.
    • Emergency commotion when travelling outside of South Africa to a maximum of R1000 for each person a night. The total cover per incident limits to R20 000.
    • The replacement of lost documents is up to R20 000.

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    All info was correct at time of publishing