Vintage Car Insurance Obtainable Online Here

    September 1, 2018

    If you’re fortunate enough to own a vintage car, you know how attached you can become to it.

    It’s your baby! Did you know that you can source affordable insurance for vintage cars online?

    This quoting process is absolutely free and ensures that you receive the cheapest deal available.

    Finding Decent Insurance for Your Vintage car

    Vintage Car InsuranceThe World Wide Web isn’t as informative about insuring vintage cars as you may hope. There isn’t much of a market for this type of insurance.

    But if you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve been searching for this kind of cover.

    There are many insurers who fail to understand the specialized nature of this type of car insurance. It’s not like insuring a normal car at all.
    In the event of an accident specialised paint mixing comes in to the equation, not to mention the cost.

    Insurance for these veteran cars should be specific to the value of the car in the eyes of the owner and prospective collectors. Getting a mere average insurance quote for cars will not benefit the collector.

    Popular South African insurers Are to Be Found

    There are several popular insurance websites that offer special insurance for cars of the vintage variety. These include various benefits that suit the driver.

    It is specialized because your car has just as much monetary value as sentimental value. For this reason, it’s important to weigh up a whole lot of options to make sure you find the perfect package.

    Specialised insurance For these Classic cars

    There are a number of companies in South Africa who ONLY specialize in classic car insurance. Owners who are concerned about getting the right type of cover should be contacting one of the companies listed below. They calculate the cost of your premiums by evaluating what your car is worth as a collector’s item.

    However, it’s not common for these companies to list themselves with quoting websites. Getting insurance for vintage cars from one of these companies is wise, but comparing them with other insurance quotes may take longer.

    You also may not always get the cheapest deal. This is why popular insurance companies are making a point of catering for vintage car owners.

    Finding insurance that fits

    Harmony exists between clients and insurance companies when a perfect deal is reached. The client wants to get the most benefits for the lowest price. The company wants to get the client’s business without shooting itself in the foot. When clients seek insurance for vintage cars, they are more likely to go with a company that recognizes their tailored needs.

    Some South African companies that do well in this area are:

    • AA Insurance.
    • Classic & Sports Car Insurance Brokers.
    • Sela Insurance Brokers.


    You’ll do well to get car insurance quotes from all four of these companies. The best one for you is out there. A quoting website is a viable option for this type of service.

    You can insert your details into an online form. A decent quoting website will then recognize the specialism of your request, giving you info on insuring vintage or classic cars. This gives you the right options to choose from.

    Make an informed decision. Start a dialogue with several insurers through a quoting website and get the best cover for your vintage car.

    To get your car insurance quote, just complete and send the form on this page

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