How much can you get for a used car in South Africa?

Used cars in South Africa is a big market. And if you decide to sell your car, aspects that will come into play are the condition, demand for that specific type of vehicle and finance.

Remember the old Toyota Tazz – how hardy and popular it was.  It’s an old car, but because of its reliability, it is still in demand. You could get R40 000 for yours if it is still in fairly good shape.

All about Used cars in South Africa

If your car is fairly new and in demand, you’ll get more for it. Though you may not think so, another factor that plays a role in the price is the colour. Bright yellows, reds, greens, oranges and black are in much lower demand.

Trading in your used car might not get you as much as a private sale, but it comes with less risk and stress. With a private sale you’ve got to deal with phone calls, negotiate with tiresome buyers and put your car through a roadworthy test.

Tips about Used cars in South Africa

As a private seller you can sell a car that is not roadworthy. However, the buyer must know about all its faults and willing to buy it as it is. Dealers can only sell a car that is roadworthy.

Allowing a dealership to take the car off your hands is a stress free, easy option. The most sought after cars with a dealership are the ones that are still under warranty.

Used cars in South AfricaTips about Used cars in South Africa – Be Truthful

When you sell your car to a dealer, they still want to make a profit. So, whoever you sell your car to, you are responsible to go about it in the right way, truthfully. You don’t want to end up with legal claims against you.

Many dealers are Waiting to Sell your Car for You

You can advertise on Autotrader or which are public domain sites. Fill in the online form and give an estimate of the price. They come and collect your car, take it off your name and pay you for it immediately.

Know what you Can expect for Your car –

  • Compare similar cars to yours in motoring magazines
  • Check out car classified websites for the market value of your car
  • Make use of online ‘car valuation’ sites and get a valuation report.


These websites make use of the auto industry standard, which is the Trans-Union Auto Dealers’ Guide to work out the value of 2nd hand cars. It gives a good average price of a specific model, taking into account the mileage and condition. The reports also provide you with the trade and retail price of your car which you can use to work out the market price.

There are also private used car websites where you can sell, not just in your province, but the entire country. With these sites you’re able to find out your cars’ resale value. It is then advertised to hundreds of dealers to find a match for your asking price.

When determining the value of your used vehicle, look at mileage, bodywork, accessories such as a good sound system and a warranty. Service history and accident reports will all affect the price.

Used cars are more complex to buy. Every buyer of a second hand car needs to study the Consumer Protection Act when it comes to buying a car so as to to avoid lawsuits and claims.

Check out Autotrader and and others to get an idea of what your car is worth and get advice on how to ask the highest possible price for your car.

All info was correct at time of publishing March 13, 2018