A Car insurance Lapse can Leave you Stranded.

A car insurance lapse is as serious as it sounds. No-one should drive around uninsured.

Due to a number of factors, you could easily find yourself in this position.

What if your insurer went out of business, you missed a premium payment or paid late. Your policy may even have expired.

A lapse can have negative consequences.

Not only are you without cover, you stand the chance of being categorised as high-risk and thus having your premiums hiked in the future.

Avoiding a car insurance lapse and being stranded on the road

Car insurance lapse

Before you incur the risks above, there are measures you can take to avoid the consequences of a car insurance lapse. One of these is to make an informed decision before choosing your insurer. That’s where we come in.

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All info was correct at time of publishing December 26, 2018