What Car Insurance is the Best in South Africa

To decide what car insurance is the best depends on what the individual motorist rates as most important to him/her as an individual. You need to take into consideration where you are in life, and what your cover needs to be, to be of value to you. That can be whether you are a single person, or are married with a family. So What Car Insurance is the Best?

What Car Insurance is the Best – Points to Remember

  • Statistics show that out of the 10,000,000 motorists on South African roads, 65% are not safe. With theft and corruption rife in the country, and the number of unlicensed drivers on the roads increasing, one wonders how anyone can do without some car insurance.
  • Carinfo.co.za did a comparison analysis of customer reports on hellopeter.com. It was based on the What Car Insurance is the Bestnumber of complaints and compliments that were filed on this web page. The results were very impressive.
  • Also, this analysis is divided the insurance companies into two groups, based on the number of complaints or compliments they received – the ”big” companies, and the ”small” companies.


In the analysis, there were five categories of complaints that were considered when deciding on the points to be added or subtracted –

  • feedback and response
  • repair and service
  • billing and accounts
  • call centre
  • breach of contract


Of the big companies, Discovery Insure came out tops, and of the smaller companies, AA Insurance was first.

Things to consider when taking out car insurance

Remember, average car insurance premiums will only provide average cover.

All car insurance companies will give you a basic cover; then you will need to add any extras that are important to you.

  • A single mum – You will need reliable roadside assistance, possible extra medical cover and help, and of course, affordable cover.
  • A sales rep – You will probably have a newer car, so your premiums will be higher. For this, though, you will also have better cover. Make sure your cover includes a loan car if yours is in for repairs. You will also need a fast response to a call-out if you are on the road.
  • If you work from home – You will not need full insurance. Rather go for a ”pay as you drive” type of cover. (This is offered by Mi-Way)
  • If you can’t afford insurance – All you need is Third Party, Fire and Theft cover.


The Insurance company you choose needs to have a good track record, be reliable and to pay out without hassle when they need to.

In the end, the insurance you choose will depend on your salary and your personal budget.

As a guide to making the right decision in the choice of the best car insurance for yourself, here are the results of the analysis done for 2015:

Large companies –

  1. Discovery Insure
  2. Outsurance
  3. MiWay

Small companies –

  1.  AA Insurance
  2. Momentum
  3. Alexander Forbes
  4. Mutual and Federal


So it’s up to you to choose!


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All info was correct at time of publishing December 16, 2018