Outsurance Reviews Reviewed

Why are Outsurance reviews more positive than negative?


  1. They offer world-class insurance to South African consumers
  2. Fair treatment when you make a claim
  3. Broad product range – life-, short-term insurance such as car, home and business insurance
  4. Their OUTbonus – 10% back on yearly car insurance for not claiming in 3 years
  5. Talk@OUT – you can rate Outsurance by leaving honest feedback on their compliment & complaints section


Every insurance company has to regularly evaluate the online reviews they receive. That is so they can improve their services to their customers.

An insurer might be getting negative online reviews about the way they handle their claims, for instance. Consequently, they will need to investigate their claim-handling and figure out ways to change it. Whether they like it or not, every insurance company has to give their customers the opportunity to talk about their frustrations.

The Most Important Stakeholder Group – Clients

Customers want their insurer to hear them. So when a bad review comes in, a company such as Outsurance wants to improve the situation.

They’re an insurance company that offers value-for-money products and world-class services. The giant insurer says that their clients are the most important stakeholder group. It is why Outsurance wants to provide them with value-for-money products and what say are great services.

What is this OutSurance Company?

As an approved financial services provider, Outsurance started out in February 1998, offering both car and household insurance to South Africans. Regardless of what insurance you’re after, Outsurance promises that you’re always going to ‘get something out’.  This is where clients get a cash OUTbonus – a reward system that returns cash to clients who remain claim free.

Outsurance prides themselves on offering clients affordable, straightforward insurance products. With their sophisticated underwriting system, they calculate premiums according to the client’s unique risk profile.

With Outsurance, low-risk clients don’t subsidise high-risk clients. That means clients can get insurance from OUTsurance for much less than anywhere else.  Another bonus about being insured with Outsurance is that premiums are fixed for a full 12 months.

What are Customers Saying in Outsurance Reviews?

With so many excellent services, what are customers saying about Outsurance? Certainly, Outsurance tries to keep their side of the slate clean by having what is known as their ‘Talk@OUT wall, a Complaints Resolution Policy that provides guidance around the recording and handling of complaints. Their mission is to be always improving their services.

Apart from having some negative Outsurance reviews about them on HelloPeter, the OSTI –  Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance – an independent body to which clients can complain if unfairly treated by their insurer – also offers an opinion. They look at statistics on the number of complaints received per 1,000 claims handled by insurers.

In spite of handling far more claims than some of the other insurers, Outsurance still comes out as one of the top insurers in South Africa. If you want to contact Outsurance for a quote, they can be contacted on 08 600 60 000 or you can fill in their online form.

What’s more, their app is designed to help you with all your insurance queries as well as free use of their Help@OUT, their free 24-hour emergency home and roadside assistance service.

This service plus some of their other innovative service- and product offerings are just one of the reasons that make OUTsurance one of the most sought-after insurers in South Africa.

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All info was correct at time of publishing February 8, 2019