Car Insurance Where Premiums Reduce Each Month – Only From King Price

For a relatively late entrant in the South African insurance industry. King Price has made huge strides where premiums reduce each month.

Besides winning many of clients in a short timespan, the firm was crowned Best Short-Term Insurer at 2013’s South African Service Awards.

One of the reasons for this success is how responsive King Price is to the needs of the market it serves. King Price has set out fulfil affordable car insurance.

And with its unique innovations of reducing premiums and flexible excess, the company has largely succeeded in meeting the need.

Watch Your Premiums Reduce

So how exactly does the reducing premiums thing work? King Price bases its reducing premium rationale on the fact that vehicles are constantly depreciatingPremiums Reduce in value.

The price at which you bought your beloved Subaru or VW is not the price at which you will sell it after years of use. While the fact is that every year a fraction of the car’s value will erode

It’s absurd that your car insurance premiums should remain the same as when the car was new.

To ensure you seamlessly continue to enjoy seeing your premiums reduce, King Price has made the monthly reduction automatic. You will not have to badger them into living up to their word.

Excess options

Another way King Price have lived up to their “price is king” mantra is allowing you to decide how much excess you want to pay. Whenever a claim is made you will be required to contribute a pre-determined excess.

The higher the excess you pay, the lower your monthly premiums. You can see how much your King Price car insurance will cost you by requesting a quote online.

Cover options

There is yet another way in which King Price endeavours to make its clients comfortable. They offer three flavours of car insurance: comprehensive, third party only and a third-party, fire and theft.

The third party only: If you’re not very liquid or you have a car that has already done serious mileage and don’t want to overspend on it, the third party only is ideal.

This basic form of cover only covers liability to other parties if an incident happens. You won’t compensate for your repairs

The beauty is that the premiums are very affordable.

A third-party, fire and theft: This is a slight upgrade on the basic cover that offers cover against loss by theft or carjacking or by fire. It offers a quite a bit more cover hence attracts slightly higher premiums.

If you’re on a tight budget but want to get more than the basic cover, this option is for you.

Comprehensive insurance: With this kind of automobile cover you can relax. Whether you’re on the road or have left your car in some parking lot, it is covered against most any kind of risk.

Above the benefits offered by the above two, you’ll be able to claim for repairs in an accident.

Please request your car insurance quote. Enter your details on the form and click on the Get a Quote button. Act now!

All info was correct at time of publishing November 25, 2018