360Plus Car Service Plan

To anyone not mechanically minded, maintaining a car can be a serious business they dread. Changing the spark plugs, checking engine oil, inspecting the exhaust system, checking the battery and everything else of importance needn’t be a nightmare. Hand it over to the professionals. With the 360Plus car service plan, you have experts who have taken the lead with the giving of adequate car service plans. You may not have the correct skills and techniques to keep your vehicle running smoothly, but they do.

360Plus is a company who have brought relief to those whom car maintenance is horrible because of their little knowledge. Their focus is to go beyond car maintenance and to provide customers with a  bumper to bumper maintenance programme.

Support Solutions

360Plus car service planLet’s have a look at how 360Plus provides their clients with support solutions –

  • the 360PLUS Service Plan allows you to budget for future vehicle services
  • the Plan pays for certain aspects of the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled services of your vehicle by an approved dealer.
  • to qualify for the Plan, and your vehicle must have completed 250 000km and be less than ten years old

    The Benefits of the 360Plus Car Service Plan

  • Service costs are stable, so regardless of how prices rise, you don’t have to worry about inflation
  • You service your car at a manufacturer approved dealership
  • The Plan is transferable
  • Your vehicle is covered for everything – the plan will replace a cambelt if the manufacturer recommends it at a specified service interval
  • You get Roadside Assistance services. Which includes car hire, accommodation, emergency messaging, tyre change, towing, jump start, fuel run, and key lock-out
  • You also get the 360PLUS Service Plan Booster. To qualify for this plan, your car must have travelled less than 250 000km and be less than ten years old. With this plan, your servicing costs are also stable so no worrying about inflation. Everything covered in the 360Plus Service Plan is included here.
  • The 360PLUS RenewTech Plan – restores and maintains your vehicle’s interior and exterior appearance. The plan is available for 24 or 48 months.
  • The 360PLUS Maintenance Plan covers everything in the 360PLUS Service Plan as well as the maintenance, replacement or repair of specific wear-and-tear parts. This Plan is for the car that has travelled less than 80 000km.
  • The 360PLUSLimited Maintenance Plan covers everything in 360PLUS Service Plan plus the repair, replacement and maintenance of certain wear-and-tear parts for a vehicle that has travelled less than 120 000km.


Well Maintained Cars Equals Safety with 360Plus Car Service Plan

The 360Plus Service Plan is efficient so that your excellent used car retains its high resale value. It’s all parts of the company’s efforts to provide an efficient service to satisfy their customer’s needs.

If you are the owner of a quality pre-owned car, you have the benefit of an affordable service plan option. A well-maintained car is a safe car. And in South Africa, if everyone drove a car that was kept in good condition, there would be far fewer accidents.


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All info was correct at time of publishing December 2, 2018