Hollard Car Insurance Review

How Does a Hollard Car Insurance Review Work?

  1. It offers details on all the kinds of insurance they offer
  2. By reading a Hollard car insurance review page, you can avoid the inconveniences and frustrations other customers have suffered
  3. Positive reviews indicate that the car coverage options available at Hollard are broad and that they come with affordable rates
  4. You can decide on comprehensive car cover or something less complex
  5. Their cover includes bikes, boats and caravans

Short-term insurance covers the likes of cars, household content, boats and caravans. In South Africa, theft is so rife, you can’t afford to have these costly items uninsured.

South Africa has many short-term insurance providers, and if you are in any way unsure about which one to choose, a qualified financial planner can offer advice on which insurer to choose and what will be covered on your policy.

Choose the ‘Hollard Way’

Certainly, your own research will be important for getting the appropriate cover. Hollard is one of South Hollard Car Insurance ReviewAfrica’s biggest privately-owned insurance groups. They started up in 1980 and they provide short-term,  life insurance and investment products to their customers.

Hollard has headquarters in Johannesburg and they have what they call the ‘Hollard Way’ – a supportive culture that all those at Hollard look at as a win-win-win situation. This ‘Hollard Way’  stipulates that customers at Hollard be treated with respect and that the company also delivers on its customer’s expectations.

Hollard offers different kinds of car insurance which they believe covers every kind of driver and car owner.

What a Hollard Car Insurance Review Info

A Hollard car insurance review will provide information on:

  • Comprehensive car insurance – covers you for an accident, theft or fire. Third party insurance also protects you from the damage you cause to other vehicles.The policy also includes benefits such as accidental death cover, third party liability protection, and 24-hour emergency roadside assistance. Hollard also offers the option for a rental car when your vehicle is in for a repair.
  • Pay as You Drive Insurance Program – this is where you pay just for the kilometres you drive. This is an insurance option that enables you to get comprehensive car insurance but where you only pay for the number of kilometres you drive. By choosing this option, you calculate more or less the number of kilometres that you drive each month and choose the plan that matches your monthly mileage.

More Information

  • Lite Cover – simple, affordable car insurance with low excesses. Lite Cover pays out in cash, so you can use the repairer you trust to fix the damage. It also offers you Theft Cover, Functional Damage Cost, Functional Damage Cover and Third Party Liability as well as Additional Lite Cover benefits such as Windscreen and glass damage.
  • Limited Car Cover – this cover is for anyone not using their car for a long time but who still wants it insured.
  • Long-Term Storage Cover – they cover your car for any loss or damage except for hail damage, but it must be stored in a secure place. There is no 3rd party cover.

Even though Hollard appears to be doing everything right in terms of offering good car insurance options, they get many complaints handed in at HelloPeter. One of the most recent says that even though Hollard says they’ll respond to claims in 48 hours, this is just a joke. You can email them and they don’t respond. The most recent complaint says that Hollard is quick to take your money but slow to settle a claim.

Will You Choose the Hollard Way?

Customer services count a lot. What’s the good of quality products if you don’t have a generally good insurance experience? Who wants to be fighting for every cent due to you? Have you found that Hollard treats you with respect? It’s important to do research and find out the good and the bad before you commit to any insurer.

How to Get a Quote from Hollard

Simply get a quote online off Hollard’s website. The e-quote will provide you with an estimate of you premium that is convenient for you. You can also call Hollard Insurance on 011 351 5000.


All info was correct at time of publishing February 8, 2019