Comprehensive insurance is the safest way to insure your car.

Buy Comprehensive car Insurance and get bumper to bumper protection.

  • You get a lot of options with Comprehensive cover
  • Get quotes online or telephonically
  • Comparing policies online is the easiest way to find the one best suited to your needs
  • Sticking with an established company makes good sense
  • Also, check what add-ons are worthwhile for you

Buy Comprehensive car Insurance and Benefit immediately

Benefit from the No Claim Bonus. Policyholders who do not claim in 36 months receive 10% of their premiums paid back. Should they continue to remain claim-free, they then receive 20% of their premiums back per 36-month period thereafter. For some insurable events, such as the replacement of the windscreen, you can claim without affecting the no-claim bonus.

Buy Comprehensive car InsuranceSelect the level of cover you want plus extras like scratch and dent cover, car hire and tyre cover. You can choose to cover the car’s accessories, such as mag wheels, as well. Alternatively, choose one our specialised bundle products such as the classic care or off-road bundle to make sure that you get the very best options possible.

It’s not just your car you can cover – if you have a motorbike, off-road vehicle, quad bike, watercraft, caravan, and trailer, you can cover them all as well.

Comprehensive car Cover takes the Worry out of Driving in South Africa

  • Your remote controls and keys are covered.
  • Cover for the vehicle if it is being transported by rail, road, sea or air.
  • Repair or replacement of windscreens and windows
  • Emergency repairs right after an accident
  • Car wreckage transported
  • The cost of towing, transport and storing of the car after an insured event
  • When buying a new car, you get transfer cover
  • Modifications to the car should you have a disability

Optional benefits You can Select

  • Cover designed for those who plan to use the vehicle off-road
  • Specific cover for classic cars
  • Cover for scratches, dents and other minor repairs
  • Punctures, replacement or repair of tyres
  • Car hire in the event that your car is out of action for a time
  • Personal cover that includes the passengers in your vehicle

Cover for car accessories – both aftermarket and factory-fitted in the event that they are stolen, damaged or lost.

When you consider the high cost of car repairs and replacement,  Comprehensive cover is something you simply must have. Plus, if your car has been financed, you will find that the deal includes a clause for Comprehensive car cover as a pre-requisite.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 19, 2019