Windscreen Cover – Don’t Let It Be Your Cost

Windscreen cover is essential in order to maintain perfect vision through your windscreen if you want to guarantee your safety on South African roads.

Windscreens are an important component of your car’s road-worthiness, and need to be designed in compliance with the car manufacturer’s specifications. Windscreen cover is a real insurance consideration.

A badly fitted windscreen can actually pop out when under pressure from an airbag. Safety is an important issue and a faulty windscreen compromises your safety and that of your passengers because detection distances with objects on the road ahead are reduced and driving with a cracked windscreen induces fatigue, and your sharpness and alertness declines. So windscreen cover is vital in case of damage.

Insurance Market Inundated with Claims for Windscreens

Windscreen CoverWindscreens are big business in South Africa. You’ll notice many roadside vendors offering to repair your cracked or chipped windscreen.

The insurance market receives about 500 000 claims for windscreens each year and in 2010 that amounted to about R16bn in claims, a figure which is far higher today.

Arrive Alive says that about 90% of windscreen damage occurs as a result of stones that fly up from a vehicle ahead of you and make contact with your glass. As a result, they suggest that when driving on gravel roads, rather slow down so as to limit the force of kicked-up debris. Also, keep a safe following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Windscreen Cover – Know what You’re Covered For

Insurance policies differ, but look out for those ones which offer windscreen cover meaning they will repair or replace your vehicle’s glass without full excess liability. Be sure to read your policy document thoroughly so that you are sure you have windscreen cover.

Windscreens are a costly item so when you take out car insurance, read the documents carefully to establish the level of cover you have. It is essential that drivers know exactly what’s included in their cover. Windscreen cover is included as standard in most comprehensive insurance policies but not all.

Assuming that you are covered for glass damage, your car insurance should cover the repair or replacement of your windscreen, but you’ll be liable for the excess amount should the windscreen be replaced.

Make Sure You Invest in the Right Windscreen

Car insurance is expensive, but the fact is you desperately need comprehensive car insurance cover in South Africa. Comprehensive insurance covers both parties and offers a range of added benefits such as windscreen cover.

Do your homework, because South Africa has many people trying to make a fast buck selling cheap windscreens. All windscreens sold legally in South Africa conform with SABS standards which requires that windscreens are resistant to penetration and disintegration because they have been manufactured correctly with a laminated vinyl centre core.

You DARE NOT be Without Insurance

South Africa’s highways are of the most dangerous in the world and the World Health Organisation’s Global Status report on road safety for 2015 revealed that the death rate for accidents in the country was more than the world average of 17.5.

South Africa also had the highest percentage of alcohol-related road deaths. You need all the car insurance you can get in South Africa and with comprehensive cover, the cost of repairing or replacing a cracked or shattered windscreen won’t be yours.

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All info was correct at time of publishing October 4, 2018