First for Women car Insurance puts the Ladies first

    October 25, 2018

    First for Women dedicates themselves to offer women in South Africa car insurance that meet their unique needs.

    Their products capture the attention of professional women in all fields keen to assert their independence.

    First for Women put Women first – Naturally

    First for WomenFirst for Women’s car insurance is similar to other policies currently on the market since they offer Comprehensive, Third Party only and Third-party fire and theft.

    In case you didn’t know, here’s a brief explanation of the benefits each of the various policies –

    Comprehensive offers the most benefits out of all categories of car insurance. All repairs to your vehicle are paid, furthermore, claims by the other party get paid in full.

    If your car gets stolen or fire damaged First for Women pays immediately, therefore Comprehensive is the most expensive of the three types of policies.

    Third party only. Whether vehicle, property damage or bodily harm, First for Women cover the repair costs or medical expenses involved. You have to pay for any damage to your car.

    Third-party fire and theft compensate policyholders if their vehicle gets destroyed by fire, floods or other natural disasters. This policy also replaces a stolen car.

    What makes First for Women unique?

    Founded in 2002 in response to a survey which showed a need for women-centred insurance products. The company developed an R24 million insurance trust to cater for the insurance needs of women in South Africa.

    First for Women created a variety of policies underwritten by Budget car insurance. With Budget’s expertise in offering affordable car insurance and their focus on the female population, First was able to appeal to women professionals of different income levels.

    Small wonder the Sunday Times voted First for Women the best short-term insurance brand in 2010. A comparison with Iwyze car insurance showed that First was the cheaper option for women.

    In addition to compensation, First for Women offer ladies a benefit called BetterCar Value. If your car gets hijacked or stolen, First for Women will replace your car with a newer model, just top up a little on your premiums,

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    All info was correct at time of publishing