Santam Car Insurance Offer an Umbrella for Your Car

Santam’s short term insurance business includes Santam car insurance which is just one part of this leading insurance giants portfolio. To many South Africans it is the most important part.

since 1918 Santam insurance company has ensured that people who want insurance cover get what they pay for.

They offer insurance services to businesses in different industries as well as individuals.

Businesses in the tourism, entertainment and health sectors can rely on Santam Insurance to provide them with cover from theft, fire and accidental damage for their equipment, goods and buildings.

Santam Car Insurance Cover Is More Than Just Car Insurance Cover

Santam Car Insurance

As an individual, Santam is able to provide you with insurance for your home and everything inside it, including very valuable items.

Santam is also one of the leading companies offering car insurance in South Africa, offering insurance for cars of all kinds from trailers to motorcycles.

Santam covers you in case your car is in an accident. They will compensate you for whatever damage your vehicle suffers and in case there is loss or injury to somebody else by your car, Santam car insurance will take care of it. You will also receive compensation in case fire destroys your vehicle or if someone steals your car.

Santam Car Insurance Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover

Again Santam will compensate you where fire destroys your car or a thief steals it. And if you injure someone in an accident and there is damage, Santam will cover these costs too. However, you will not receive compensation for any damage to your car.

Third Party Only Cover

Like you can guess from the name, this kind of cover will only give compensation to somebody who suffers loss or injury because of your car. This is the most basic kind of insurance available to South African car owners.

To get full cover in case an accident occurs, you can get Santam’s personal accident policy. This type of insurance will compensate you for death or injury suffered as a result of the accident.

You can get insurance for any sum between R50,00 and R5 million depending on how much you earn and how much you can commit to the premium payments.

Santam Additional Benefits Covers Your 4×4 Across the Back Roads of 14 Different African Countries

Santam car insurance comes with great additional benefits. The 4×4 vehicle cover, for example, pays for the cost of emergency repairs, extinguishing costs and removal of wreckage. Besides, you will have cover by this form of Santam car insurance outside South Africa within 14 African countries. Other benefits include SOS services.

These services are offered to assist you wherever you may be when an emergency happens. The home drive assistance service provides you with somebody to drive you home in your car if you have consumed alcohol beyond what is allowed by law.

If you are interested in Santam’s services you can ask for their car insurance quotes straight from their website. Their car insurance quotes in South Africa can be also accessed through brokers in various parts of the country.

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All info was correct at time of publishing June 24, 2018