It’s never been easier to get a free car insurance quote

Here’s how to get a free quote for car insurance online.

  • Visit the website of the firm you are keen on and apply for a quote directly
  • Take advantage of a comparison site and they do the searching for you

Whatever route you choose you will need to provide your personal details. Plus, the details of your car.

Driving can be a stressful experience. Dealing with traffic, with unfavourable road conditions and dealing with other drivers can be hard.

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Add with the crime rate we have in this country it’s easy to see that car insurance is no longer a ‘maybe’.

Get a free quote for car Insurance online

Get a free Quote for Car Insurance online and Save time

At Auto and General, you can choose the level of cover that suits you – whether it’s the full peace of mind that goes with the Comprehensive cover or the more budget-friendly Third-party. You need insurance, no matter what you decide on.

If you have more than one set of wheels, Auto and General also offer:

Motorcycle Insurance

Those riding motorcycles are more vulnerable on the roads. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

Caravan Insurance

Caravans can be costly to replace and also a target for petty thieves. With the proper insurance, you are covered against theft, damage, and loss.

Trailer Insurance

It takes some know-how to be able to manoeuvre a vehicle with a trailer on it. Again, accidents can happen quickly. And, trailers are also a target for petty thieves.

Watercraft Insurance

Your water “wheels” are also important to you. You need insurance to cover damage, loss or theft so that you can continue to have fun on the water.


Do you love off-roading? A standard vehicle insurance policy does not cover all potential risks when it comes to off-roading. You need a policy that has been specially designed for this.

Auto and General Value added Extras for Your vehicle Insurance

When it comes to extras, Auto and General has you covered. You can choose to add the following to your policy, based on what your needs are.

Auto Top-Up

One shock most car owners have is how quickly the value of their cars can drop. If something goes wrong, is the market or retail value going to cover the amount outstanding for the financing? Auto Top-Up covers you for the difference.

Scratch and Dent

No matter how much you love your car, there are bound to be incidents that result in scratches and dents. This is not going to keep you from being mobile, but it does affect the value of the car. Scratch and Dent Insurance takes care of this.

Mechanical Breakdown

Breakdowns can be expensive. You not only have to worry about getting home but also worry about getting your car towed and repaired. That’s where this add-on can come in very handy. It takes care of expenses related to electrical or mechanical failure.

Tyre and Rim Guard

We all know at least one joke about potholes. In reality, potholes are very dangerous and can cause serious damage to your rims and tyres. This insurance covers you if you fall foul of a pothole. No joking!

To request your car insurance quote please fill in the form and submit.

All info was correct at time of publishing January 21, 2019