iTrack Fleet Tracking

    June 5, 2018

    iTrack Tracking is the perfect solution when it comes down to vehicle tracking and fleet management. Here we will have a look at iTrack fleet tracking.

    This service enables companies to:

    • Pinpoint the whereabouts of your vehicles in real-time
    • Establish the routes your drivers are travelling
    • Establish exactly where your drivers are stopping
    • Also, establish the speed at which your drivers are travelling
    • Manage and control monthly mileage
    • Generate logbooks for taxation purposes
    • Receive email and SMS alerts
    • Backtrack historic data for up to three months


    Real-time Tracking

    Real-time vehicle tracking is a critical tool in the management and monitoring of any business vehicle fleet. So it enables you to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicles at all times which, in turn, improves efficiency. Also, by tracking vehicle movements you are able to immediately contact drivers who deviate from their specified routes.

    Real-time Tracking Features

    • Fast response time


    State-of-the-art technology enables real-time tracking with a 10-second time-frame between the location of the vehicle and its position displayed on the map. So this new GPS tracking technology ensures that you are accurately able to pinpoint the whereabouts of your vehicles.

    Feature Summary – iTrack Fleet Tracking

    iTrack Fleet Tracking

    • Real-time fleet management
    • Pinpoint the exact location of your vehicles in real-time
    • View the movements of your entire fleet
    • Also, mapping pinpoints the exact location of vehicles every 15 seconds
    • Establish the exact times that vehicles arrive at customers
    • Follow vehicle progress on their routes
    • Also, allocate a driver closest to a customer


    Why iTrack Live? – iTrack Fleet Tracking

    • iTrack Live is web-based and simple to use
    • On-site installation
    • Also, no long-term contracts – pay month to month
    • No licensing fees
    • Email and SMA alerts via geo-fencing
    • Also, real-time updates on a 15-second basis
    • Detailed reports
    • Service operates 24 hours


    Why choose iTrack-Live?

    This invaluable fleet management tool is cost-efficient, even for the smallest enterprises, and does not lock customers into long-term contracts.

    iTrack Live a 100 percent South African product that has been developed and customised to meet local market demands.

    iTrack Live is an approved South African Independent Accreditation Services product and is also endorsed for Vehicle Tracking and Recovery.

    Conclusion – iTrack Fleet Tracking

    Fleet management is critical to the financial health of any transport business. With iTrack Live you can streamline maintenance, fuel and operating overheads. You can also reduce your insurance premiums with the added security features offered by this product.

    iTrack Live is an investment in the future of your business because it negates the possibility of driver delinquency that can have an adverse impact on year-end profit-margins. Also, drivers will be wary of deviating from their stipulated routes and from reckless behaviour on the roads.

    So iTrack’s fleet management solutions are critical to safeguarding company growth targets and continued happy customer relations. Also, having tracker devices installed in delivery vehicles is essential to the wellbeing and future expansion of any company operating car and truck fleets on South African roads.


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