How to get the best car insurance in South Africa.

Who has the best car insurance in South Africa?

Deciding who to trust with your car insurance can be a tough decision. There are so many firms to choose from, how do you know that you are choosing the right one?

A study conducted by a website specialising in quotes from customers and reviews of car insurance firms had some interesting results. Read what they say in this article.

A breakdown Of the Best car insurance in South Africa

Momentum and Auto and General

In 2013, these were the leading companies, based on information gathered online at the rating website. Because they are written by South Africans who have had dealings with the firms in the study, the ratings are accepted as credible

Best car insurance in South allows clients to register both compliments and complaints. Auto and General had the most numbers of compliments. Hollard, FNB Insurance Brokers, and AIG scored the highest in terms of complaints received.

 How the Results are Analysed

Every report a company received, compliment or complaint, was added together. Companies with over 500 reports were classified as “large”, and “small” with fewer reports.

The actual reports themselves were then checked and the five best companies in each of the following categories were given points. The points were a percentage of the total, rather than the actual number of complaints per company. The reports related to feedback on a list of certain areas:

  • Repairs and servicing
  • Feedback and response
  • Billing and accounts
  • Breach of contract
  • Call Centre response

Applause for the Best car insurance in South Africa

In the group of “small” companies, Momentum had the fewest complaints overall and thus came first for feedback and response.

Alexander Forbes, Sanlam, and AIG Insurance came first for repairs and servicing. None of them received complaints in this area. It was also Alexander Forbes who came up tops for billing and accounts.

PPS was shown to have the best call centre, with no complaints being registered. Mutual and Federal, Santam and FNB Insurance Brokers came out on top for “breaching of contract” with the fewest complaints amongst them.

In the “large” group, Virgin Money Insurance topped the list for feedback and response.

Old Mutual came first for repairs and servicing and also for the best call centre. It again came out on top for the least number of complaints and the greatest number of compliments. In the area of “breach of contract”, Old Mutual also came out tops. Outsurance was the best when it came to billing and accounts.

So, who is On top?

The results show a pretty mixed bag when it comes to the top insurance provider. Old Mutual seems to have come up with the most wins overall.

However, it does need to be noted that this is based on independent research. Whilst the results are quite interesting, more formal research into all avenues should be conducted. Whilst many people do use, not all do.

As a result, a further study including extra avenues of research could prove most informative.

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 21, 2019