What is Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance?

In many countries, the law requires motorists to take out car insurance. Third party fire and theft is one of the most basic policies available in South Africa.

However, you need to choose the car insurance that best suits your requirements. The policies are – Third Party OnlyThird Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive Cover.

What does Third Party Only cover?

Third Party Only is the most basic insurance you can buy and, at the very least, the minimum option of vehicle insurance you must have.

The policy protects property, vehicles and people should an accident occur where you are to blame.

For example, if you smash into another vehicle causing injury to the driver and damage to their car, the policy covers medical expenses as well as repair costs to the other (third) party.

You have to pay for the damage to your car and any injuries you sustain.

Comprehensive insurance is the only cover that pays for both parties, regardless of who was at fault.

What does Third-Party Fire and Theft cover?

  • Vehicle replacement in the case of theft
  • Damage inflicted in the course of theft, such broken door mechanisms, windows, etc.
  • Damage caused by fire


The fire damage portion of the policy applies to both arson and accidental fires, although to claim for the former, a crime reference number will be required.

Third party fire and theft

Do I need Third Party Fire and Theft insurance?

Many people choose the third party options because they are cheap compared to the Comprehensive cover. However, in some instances, a Comprehensive policy can be as cost effective as Third Party Fire and Theft.

Deciding against Comprehensive cover carries several drawbacks –

  • Paying for your own car repair bills
  • Replacement vehicle payout should the car be written off
  • Self-injury cover in case of accident
  • Windscreen cover


For those with inexpensive, older cars that are cheaper to repair, a Third Party Only policy may be a suitable choice.

More expensive cars can cost thousands in repair bills, therefore third party covers may not be the best choice of insurance policy.

It’s advisable to compare all the different levels of protection that come with the different policies.

What is a Sensible option?

It may not suit every car owner, but Third Party Fire and Theft may be a practical vehicle insurance option.

Compare prices

For the best possible deal, shop around and compare various insurance products. There are dozens of ways to structure a policy with benefits that suit you. It’s essential that you are insured.

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All info was correct at time of publishing November 13, 2018