Outsurance car insurance takes out the competition

Become a member of Outsurance car insurance – below are a few reasons to join.

  • Outsurance tailors your insurance to meet even a modest budget
  • You never pay more than the fixed excess
  • Premiums guaranteed for 12 months
  • The Outbonus pays out if you don’t claim for three years, you get 10% of your premiums back
  • Get free roadside assistance

When it comes to choosing vehicle insurance, you want a range of options to be available. From full insurance that covers you for everything to something more affordable. Outsurance offers you a complete choice of products, all backed by great service and lightning-fast claims settlement.

Become a Member of Outsurance car insurance and get Added benefits

  • Your premiums will not increase for at least a year, irrespective of whether you claim or not
  • Receive 10% of your premiums in cash if you have no claims for three years
  • Hail damage is part of the standard cover
  • The claims process is easy and quick
  • Free roadside assistance when you are battling with a flat tyre or accidentally run out of fuel

The R400 Promise

Give Outsurance a chance to give you a quote. If their quote doesn’t beat what you are already paying, you get R400 for your trouble. And, if you have at least three claim-free years at your previous insurance company, that amount doubles.

Lady@OUT Car insurance

This cover was designed with ladies in mind. It offers a lot in extra benefits that come in very handy. These benefits include extra security if you have had a break-in, a handyman to call on and even spa treatments in some cases.


Do you like to travel? You can extend your cover with Outsurance so that you are covered outside of the country as well.


This covers you if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, die, are retrenched or put on temporary or permanent disability. In either of these events, you, or your family, will be paid out the amount selected.

Car Hire

What happens if your car has been severely damaged or stolen? This cover entitles you to the use of a hired car when your car is at the panel beater or missing. The car hire is provided for up to a month.

Business use Outside of South Africa

If you do business in one of our neighbouring countries and travel further north to countries like Zambia, you can have your vehicle insured for these countries.


If you’ve been out for a night on the town, the last thing you want to do is drive. With this option, you can make use of the Good Fellas service and get your own personal driver when you have been drinking.

Sound Equipment

Do you have a sound system that induces envy in everyone else? You can cover that as well, in case of theft or damage.

Now you realise why you should become a member of Outsurance car insurance. The sure road to stress-free driving

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All info was correct at time of publishing January 22, 2019