AA insurance insures just about everything in South Africa.

Why should AA Insurance Services South Africa be my insurer?

  • The AA company has a long history and is well-respected.
  • You may qualify for a reduction in premiums every year.
  • They make insurance easier to afford.
  • If you use the repairer that they recommend, you have no excess.
  • They offer extra benefits if you are also an AA member.


South Africa is a lovely country to live in but, let’s be honest, using public transport is not ideal. Most South Africans dream of owning their own car. If you have made that dream come true, you are one of the lucky ones.

AA Insurance ServicesNow it’s up to you to look after your car, maintain it, make sure it looks good and that it’s safe. But you need a little help there. With even your average fender bender costing a couple of thousands to repair, accidental damage is a real financial concern.

And then, what happens if your car is written off or stolen? All that hard work is down the drain unless you have fully comprehensive insurance.

AA Insurance Services and how Comprehensive Insurance Works

With comprehensive insurance from the AA, one of the following will happen – which depends on how badly damaged the car is:

  • The AA pay for repairs to be conducted
  • You get another vehicle
  • The value of the car is paid out to you in cash


More reasons To choose AA Insurance

  • Your claims are handled in a fast and professional manner. Small claims should take no longer than 48 hours to be approved
  • If you are a member of the AA, you might save on the amount of excess you pay in the event of an insurable incident
  • When windshields are repaired or replaced, there is no excess to pay if you choose to go to a recommended AA repairer
  • A householder’s policy with the AA covers your bicycle as well if you have one
  • Your first claim won’t necessarily count against you as long as you weren’t at fault. And if the AA is able to get back most of the money from the other person’s insurer, your premiums don’t increase
  • With a Comprehensive plan, there is an enhanced battery benefit attached to the roadside assistance. Your battery will be replaced if required
  • As long as your personal risk profile either remains as it was or decreases, your premiums will decrease every year as well

So how Do I get a Quote quickly?

That’s the easiest part – just fill in the form on this page and submit it. You’ll get a quote back in less time than it takes to say, “Give me a quote.” You just need to give some of your personal details so that you can get a personalised quote.

All info was correct at time of publishing January 26, 2019